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  emag_eht  |  18

55- She means that she called him uncle in an affectionate way, not that he was her uncle or her dad. It's like how some people say "she's like a sister to me."

  Teyros  |  24

My friend is a good example. He likes this girl, it's really obvious but he always says "she's like a sister to me." and everytime he says that she looks at me and rolls her eyes. It's pretty funny

  MrSassypants  |  32

58 You may be wrong. Calling them Uncle then stating their name is a common excuse. It's like saying the girl you're out with is your cousin when she really isn't and is just an excuse to not be caught.

  ise3  |  10

66 is right. Uncle is a common excuse moms give their kids so they dont ask too many questions. Of course what happens when the kids ask dad whens uncle jimmy coming to visit again?

By  Dblocker  |  18

"We found out", does that mean you dad is still in the picture, or siblings? If your dad is still in the picture it then this FML might get a lot worse, but either way your mom is a whore.

  brianjman14  |  22

I assumed that they found out the mother was cheating and she either lied about who the other man was or they didn't know who it was with, and they just found out it was Uncle Jimmy.

  the_smart_way  |  10

*unrelated comment allert* as I am an Internet noob and have not yet figured out how to message people on the 'ere website. It is my duty to inform you, Perdix, that you have now achieved a higher level of Internet fame. Your comment reading "well I guess he'll be missing the wedding you should have had" has been featured on
Well done Perdix, you are meme!