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Today, I worked at my job at an amusement park at one of the roller coasters. I have to go around and make sure that every seat belt is around the passenger. I saw my boyfriend in a seat and ran over to say hi. I saw a girl next to him. I had to strap down my cheating boyfriend and the new girl. FML
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You should have pretended to strap them in, but didn't. Surprise!

wow, how do these people get girlfriends and im still single, i would never cheat on any one.


YDI for working at an amusement park, and having a dumb ass for a boyfriend

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Toronto, Ontario? do you work at wonderland?

Coullld be Ontario Place too. :] Also. FYL . Your boyfriend is a douchebag. How did he not know that you worked there and then totally brought the girl he was cheating on you with to the park?

Well he probably knew that his girlfriend was working at the park and also probably knew she was working at that very moment. He probably decided to put her in that situation to let the OP know that he was leaving her. It's not like guys are actually that dumb. But they do piss me off when they give the good guys bad reps even though there's ones like me and #3 that would never cheat on a girl.

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Lol maybe thats the way the idiot was showing it was over. because he doesnt have the balls to just say it. FYL.

you should've not strapped them down and let them both die. in that case, FtheirL.

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Oh lorddd. I really hoped you slammed the protective bar down on his sack.

It couldn't be Ontario Place, because Ontario Place does not have roller coasters. It would have to probably be Wonderland. And OP, that sucks. Which roller coaster was it? You should've slammed the lap bar or whatever other protection it had against both of them. :)

I would have messed with the belts so that when they go on the loopty loop they fall

It's actually really good compared to some americans

Or strapped 'em down really, really tight. It would have been awesome if you were working know, where you can pretty much mash someone's head between the round-the-shoulder restraints?

wow, how do these people get girlfriends and im still single, i would never cheat on any one.

for real, i got my girl though, but i ain't cheatin on her no time soon.

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Yeah plus, people who are interesting enough to get one partner, are usually also interesting to others.

#3 you must have some mojor flaw that makes you highly unattractive..

Best summary of "Nice Guy" syndrome that I've seen:

I'm sure there's a girl who likes you, you're probably really good friends. The problem is that she's probably shy and you're probably not into her. Guys do the same thing girls do. They like confident and sexy women. So, it isn't necessarily "nice guy" syndrome, its nice people syndrome.

Well #3 you don't have a GF because probably you aren't a bad ass. My personal experiences have show me this. Like all the jerks in my college have a GF but me and our friend don't have a single GF in spite of the fact that we are better looking. more intelligent(we are not nerds mind you), can flirt and are funny. I just don't get it why girls have an attraction for these assholes!!

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basic evolution.. they are attracted to alpha male types

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awe ull find some1 soon....and also thats what they all say

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What a complete idiot. Doesn't he KNOW that you work there? You're better off without the moronic douchebag.

You should have pretended to strap them in, but didn't. Surprise!

She would lose her job, and being fired as well as being cheated on is even worse.

that would get her fired and possibly jail time. .. not worth it

Or they might die. Nobody thought of that one, huh?

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You should of said to the girl, "Funny meeting you here! Wasn't that night together wild?" [wink and blow a kiss] Anyway, FML. You can do better. :)

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I agree with 2 & 5. Not only is cheating wrong, but he choose to do it at your place of employment. But you're better off without him. Guys who cheat aren't worth it.

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If the girl was just sitting next to him, how do you know he was even cheating?

Yeah, were they making out in the roller-coaster? Maybe they just happened to be standing next to each other in line.

That's what I'm wondering. It's possible she was a random rider, a friend, a relative - how does the OP know that was his secret girlfriend? Unless he was blatantly obvious, OP has some security issues.

It is possible to kiss each other before the rollercoaster starts off.

Yes it is possible for that to happen, but OP didn't include that relevant piece of information....or indeed, any piece of information to corroborate her accusation. It's probably much more likely that it was a relative, a friend, or most likely just a random girl in line and he was at the park with an odd number of people. Unless OP actually has some evidence, she's be best to assume that too. Actually, it'd be best if she just broke up with him, since she clearly has trust issues.

like OMG!!!! dont you know that like riding a roller coaster with someone is almost as bad as holding hands!

Had to scroll down long enough to see this, holyshit. Did that many people not consider these? OP has trust issues, unless they were showing pda or getting laid on the roller coaster souvenir pictures.

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I know, the OP should either include any evidence that he was cheating, assume she Is a relative/ random person, or (now here's a shocker) asked the guy, not all guys are cheating jerks (but sadly a lot of us are, which I've never understood why).

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Fyl, you shouldn't be with someone who cant even cheat properly.

My thought is that maybe he knew she worked this ride this was his shitty way of letting her know that he's done with the relationship.