By Anonymous - 11/07/2013 17:08 - United States - Fresno

Today, I was eating a corndog, when my boyfriend jokingly told me to "take it deeper". I did, and ended up choking and throwing up all over the table. FML
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I wanna say YDI for trying to make eating a corn dog

Zimmington 21

You need to work on that gag reflex


I wanna say YDI for trying to make eating a corn dog

friedpwnadge 25

Better on the domestic corndog than on his corndog.

zen1979 16

Mmmmm good, how could it NOT be sexual?

Not everyone can do the sexual eating right

Zimmington 21

You need to work on that gag reflex

You have the perfect profile picture for that comment

"Practice makes perfect" says the gleefully smiling boyfriend.

That's just humiliating, why would you do that to yourself O.o

TheDrifter 23

Because if it had worked she would have his undying devotion?

Well then. Aren't you a submissive one....

I got a good launch out of this comment.

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Next time tuck your thumb into your fist and squeeze it. For some reason, it cancels out your gag reflex. I'm being dead serious, too. Try it.

I've never heard of do you know this?

I heard that's a psychological thing. If you believe it'll work, your mind cancels out the gag reflex. That why it doesn't work for people who don't believe it will. It'll carry on working even if you stop believing because your mind is already aware that you are capable of stopping your own gag reflex. I'm not entirely sure on that. I know you can mentally train yourself not to gag though.

49, that comment made the gag thing not work anymore.

My friend told me that, I totally believed it, because she showed me. When I tried, I threw up everywhere.

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You obviously haven't had much experience with that before.

AboveAll04 14

8, are you implying you have a ton of experience. Maybe you should show OP how it's done lol

DrownedMyFish 18

8, we all can't have has much experience with shoving things down our throats as you.

Some people just have really big gag reflexes, nevertheless of what they have "experience" in..

I guess your boyfriend might be a little hesitant when asking you to go deeper when you give him a *******.. unless he's into that kinda stuff.

I'm not sure that having someone barf on your dick is a valid "fetish"....more like just ****** up.

AboveAll04 14

shut up prude ! OP was just trying to have fun !