By mwja - 26/02/2011 22:59 - France

Today, thanks to a particularly spicy bowl of noodles, my nose decided it would rather be a fountain. A fountain of blood. FML
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I feel like there should be a "*Takes off sunglasses*" before the last sentence.

That sucks OP but you'll be alright :P no worries!


That sucks OP but you'll be alright :P no worries!

Ouch...maybe you shouldn't eat that anymore...

Give up good food because of a bloody nose?! I think nott.

I actually shat my asshole out? Is that correct? Just wondering.

Maybe it wasn't the food. A spontaneous nose bleed, perhaps.

nose bleeds can be caused by spicy foods or exertion during exercise

Dibbs on 'A Fountain of Blood' as a band name!

10 - How much weight did you lose after you shat your asshole out?

Oh please, it wasn't the noodles that gave him the nose bleed, he just happened to see something perverted whilst eating those noodles xD

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No, what is wrong with you?!? Everyone gets turnee on by bloody pics.

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actually I'm more turned on by your icon picture.

are you referencing that FML about the guy what had a blood nose, dripped his blood onto a knife, took photos of it and now has to see the school shrink? if yes, nicely done.

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Oooh that sounds lovely! :) Just kidding but that's not good. :| FYL OP.

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Trying to add a diffrent taste to it huh

thats crazy what did u do with the bowl?? eat the noodles or hit your nose with it lol

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tell that to science! maybe the cure for herpes is jalepeños. you should test this by pouring hot sauce on your genitals.

that would feel... warm. hot sauce doesnt burn your **** dude

Your life is ****** because you got a nose bleed? Sure.