By Anonymous - 07/07/2009 23:04 - United States

Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years. I got reservations for a romantic dinner, and at the end, fireworks would spell out my proposal. The whole thing had taken weeks to plan out and had cost me a lot of money. She proposed to me at a subway station first. FML
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singer4life666 0

Atleast you two are going to get married though right?

Empleh 4

just because she did it first, doesn't mean you cant out do her LOL


singer4life666 0

Atleast you two are going to get married though right?

jasmine1259 2

yeah, now you'll know she'll say yes :P

easylazy 0

How do you make fireworks spell out a proposal? What's that mean? Can you make them in the shape of words or something?

thaz soo cute actually

You speak the truth. If there was a "your life really isn;t that ******" button I would click it. OP, you obviously wanted to marry her...she could have said no to your super-proposal.

i guess the part that makes his life ****** tho is that he planned it for weeks and put in a lot of money to do this and it was kinda ruined a bit

I guess his missus clearly thought he wasnt going to get around to it so thought shed better take charge.

Dixie_Normous 0

"I'm getting married to the girl of my dreams FML" is basically what this is. If you really care that much, show her anyway for fun.

doomking10 0

Lol, you should have turned her down then let her see your proposal.

You can still go through with it.... y'know, like a "It's my turn to propose to you!" I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

maybe the fml is that he went to all this effort to propose to her, and she just asked him at a subway shop... your life isn't completely ******, but there's that

kyasariin 0

You can make fireworks say ANYTHING. (:

yea, your life is no where near being ******. you're gonna be MARRIED! yay! tell your lady to give you a couple days to think things over, and follow through your plan anyways :D it's a very very sweet gesture, you should do it! i'm sure she didnt mean to steal your thunder, it was probably just in the moment and spontaneous and she could no longer held in her wishes to spend the rest of her life with u. not a FML. happy wedding! :)

Precisely!!Show her for fun!!

l33tm0nk3y 0

Ya, I mean...sure it kind of ruined the big fancy proposal, but in the end you still come out ahead. Congratulations!

omg... subway STATION... lol not shop

yeah. in japan, they make shapes at firework festivals. it's really cool.

Wow people really stop replying to first anyway.@1 They still are getting married but he just has to explain to her and ask if she will still act surprised but also your life is not F**ked. If it was she would have broken up with you. Right now you are saying FML for having my girlfriend ask to marry me.

juliaispink 1


This is why sometimes tradition shouldn't be messed with. You had an extravagant plan and she proposed in a place that's usually rather dirty with no effort, planning, or glamor.

They can put words into fireworks? I can't say I knew that...

twist_n_shout 0

that's what i was thinking!

wonders of modern technology.

me too, i understand an airplane .... technologies

rob8625 0

Hvent you ever seen that captain and cola commercial?

This story sounds so fake. First of all, you can't spell words in fireworks, unless the word only has "O's" in it. Secondly, even if she did propose, wouldn't a normal person laugh and say "yes, of course, now look at how I was going to propose to you tonight". Thirdly, he's getting married to the woman he loves, how the hell is that a FML?

Can you spell words with fireworks? Let me google that for you... YES... Yes you can! You could at least type the question into google before you accuse the FML of being fake. On another note, I learned something new today: Fireworks that are made to spell things out are also called "Lanceworks"

kikchik2491 0

accually you can spell words with fireworks. i was at a fireworks show last year where a guy proposed to a girl with fireworks..i'm really not sure how it works but it is possible.

YEAH! SERIOIUSLY! i mean, i know they can do shapes like smiley faces and hearts and crap, but words? that must've cost a shit load! but also, you're still getting married, you know she's going to say yes, and you can still go through with it and tell her how much effort you went into getting ready for the proposal and show how romantic you are :D but congrats btw >.

Just googled it, apparently they use mini fireworks to make little points of light, then make those into a pattern spelling out a message. Here's a place in the UK that does it:

Empleh 4

just because she did it first, doesn't mean you cant out do her LOL

elastisch 0

Yeah, show that bitch who's boss. One up her - the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

itsgen 16

huh? she preposed to you well i hope you waited until dinner to tell her your answer

i like the way you think. marry me.

girandwogpig 0

hmmm after I finish this steak first....XD

Ms_Thingie 0

At least she dident break up with u and so what if she proposed first u can do it anyway but then u would already be engaged nvm

most pointless comment ever.

I like surfing too. haha

that's not so bad. the ending could have been like 'she dumped me at the subway station first'

ghostgirll 0

thats what i thought it would be. this isnt an fml

Eh, this ain't that bad. Not FML or YDI... Congrats !

Since when does the girl propose

Since this is the 21st century! Men don't have to purpose anymore! You will be waiting forever if you wait for the guy sometimes. I'm sure as hell not going to wait forever for a guy to purpose to me.

Feminism has really come a long way in the past 100 years. Now women are considered equal to men! Crazy, huh?

redhead12 0

@20: You're right, men aren't the only ones who propose. However, if you're too moronic to spell "propose," I doubt any guy will say yes to you. Pretty sure "purpose" would look stupid in fireworks, at any rate.

kitties_fml 12

that was unnecessarily vicious. it's called a typo.

Hich17 0

WTFKuro - you really, REALLY need to get over yourself. OP - LOL! Thanks for sharing. Hope you went through with the proposal anyway, just for the hell of it.

i would like to propose that be more careful and have a sense of purpose when you spell propose.

Since when she wants