By LaurenLehmmman - 27/12/2009 22:22 - United States

Today, I was singing while lying upside down chewing gum. My dad was trying to focus on the current football game and hushed me. I yelled, "No!" resulting in my gum becoming lodged in my windpipe. I shut up after all. FML
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And why were you singing during a game? YDI for being a disrespectful idiot.

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Agreed. Don't mess with the NFL.

Why do you have to be singing in the vicinity of others who don't want you to be singing? Couldn't you just go to your room or outside or something and sing? My little sister sings 24/7 and it is SO ******* ANNOYING. You totally deserved it for intentionally annoying people, you little shit. Also, nice job doing this upside down while chewing gum. Makes you a great future candidate for the Darwin Awards.

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Agreed #49. OP, you're an attention *****, and an annoying brat. If we met in real life, I'd be revolted at the idea of sexually pleasuring you.

I agree with 49. Get over yourself and do it somewhere else. YDI for being so damn annoying. On a side note, how does gravity work in your house? If you were lying upside down, gravity would have pulled that gum out of your mouth when you opened it, not shot it up and down your throat.

I think by upside down he meant he was hanging down from a bed or something...

OP is an attention seeking fuckstain. I hope you choke and die.

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lol crazytoaster I agree op go die please we don't need anymore untalented singers in the world

I agree too, I know what its like to be around somebody who constantly feels the need to sing

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What are you, five??? Grow up ya brat...

I was about to comment on how impressive it was for a two year old to post a fml.

YDI for not spiiting out your gum before lying upside down you also deserve it for being disrespectful

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your stupid for singing in a room were dad watches the game. you should go hid some were and die