By cazzb - 16/09/2014 04:17 - United States - Woodbridge

Today, while waiting for my violin student to unpack his violin, he farted loudly and rhythmically on the sofa, and then went on about how it sounded like the "Shave and a Haircut" rhythm. FML
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That some talent

He sounds like a great musician. Such potential. Much wow


That some talent

#19 That comment was pointless.


We will make a musician out of you yet, kid!

So was that 21 and to make use of this comment. two bits

Mozart wrote poems about farts. Just saying.

He sounds like a great musician. Such potential. Much wow

cjwayy 22

Very musician. Much talent. Such talent. wow

Much talent, Such talent? Doge is ashamed.

cjwayy 22

Yeah I didn't read over my comment before I posted it lol

He needs to leave the strings behind and move on to the wind instruments.

Maybe he'll play the violin to the tempo/metronome of his farts.

Only prodigies fart greatness

His body breathes music

ColonelCusswords 24

dont try to censor his art. Artists deserve to be heard

*fart *Fartists

moldypickles 29

And/or smelt? I kid, I kid.

There's s future as a one man orchestra.

Sounds like he should be playing a wind instrument instead