By Ginger - 03/10/2010 18:34 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend told me I should finish school early and get a job so we can get married, because then he'll have enough money to buy the truck he's had his eyes on for our whole relationship. FML
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monstaber 6

Not selfish at all is he? dump him if u ask me


Tell him to get a job and buy it himself.

zp5 4

17 in your pic you look it too.

smiles4life 1

at least he wants to get married? lol sorry OP sucks for u

well at least he wants to marry you, don't be selfish

BadPinkKitty07 0

truck this shift! heh, see what I did there? word play. :D

monstaber 6

Not selfish at all is he? dump him if u ask me

it was prolly just an off hand comment. I say that shit all the time. except I already asked my gf to marry me and we will get a ton more money after. Hello flat screen!

What a selfish jerk. I swear, some men are just self-centered chauvinist pigs.

oh so thats why you're single! not because youre a pimply face fat chick who spends all day reading fml's to feel better about herself. ye, thats it

Wow, you're a real piece of work, aren't you? Stop making assumptions and play nicely. Liecake didn't say all men were like that, not even most, she said some.

hey its the girl who thinks shes the most mature bad ass on fml! :]'re saying all women are perfect? 2 in 10 guys are dicks so were all lumped together as dicks. 2 in 10 girls are ***** but woman dont get lumped together like men.

Who are you talking to? Anyways, the commenter could have just said, "people."

Buy the truck yourself and don't letter him drive it. His punishment for being a dumbass.

I'd say stick to your own plans. He was at least honest with you, it doesn't mean to say that he doesn't care. But yeah, it does sound selfish. Basically, just explain to him that you aren't going to change your plans for him to get a truck, and that if he wants it so badly, he should earn the money himself. If he leaves you for it, you're better off without him.

zp5 4

I agree. but if he'd do that, he would be a selfish dick with no life other than to get that one truck. and that would be really sad.

Yes, which is why I believe she'd be better off without him if that's what he chose to do.

Is that chick hiddeous or is it just me?

Sorry, I don't understand the definition of hiddeous. I know the definition of hideous, but that's a different comment.

cinn stfu, no one gives a dam about your half ass, cookie cutter advice posts. go away

zp5 4

43 as a matter of fact a lot of people do. you're just stupid.

Keilanclarke, don't you get it yet? Some people aren't as shallow as you.

People listen to her comments more then anybody ever listens to yours. You shouldn't be commenting on her pic. Especially since you don't have one yourself, probably because you're too insecure.

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Iv read alot of FML's and you seem to put the best advice in alot of them xD. idk just ha to say that.

cinn is prettier than me so I don't know what you're on about. fml isn't here for you to insult people's profile pictures. but on that topic, where are your pictures? oh and many, many ugly women are very successful in life and own multimillion companies. what about you? :)

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Why f your life then? Ur the one who's probably selfish after all..

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Ding dong the witch is dead, the Wicked Witch is dead!

Schizomaniac 24
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O.o But it then hit him with it xD. JOKING! JOKING! But wow...:/