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Today, I went to the airport with my mom, who requested a wheelchair for me, since I have a broken leg. I'm 24. Embarrassed, I insisted I push myself around, instead of an airline assistant doing it. A few seconds later, I crash into the same airline assistant, who then falls back into my lap. FML
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Bring on the idiots who will say "Karma is a bitch" OP, it's good to be independent, but it's also OK to accept help. Try and accept help, whenever it's necessary. There are a lot of people in this world, not willing to help at all.


True. OP just because people who have spent many years of their lives in wheelchairs make it look easy doesn't mean it is. I can see your dumb ass struggling to get up a gentle slope on that thing.

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I think "backwards" was the meaning intended.

lesson learned, next time, accept their help

if she a hot assistant i can't see what that problem is... hot chick falling on my lap? GIGITI..!!

damnnnnnn **** that I'd be chilling in the wheelchair getting pushed around. less work on the arms, then be up in her fridge eating leftover sheeit

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the assistant fell back as in backwards...

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dumbass assistant, he should've insisted no matter what and remain at your side UNTIL you're seated. if you were someone else, you would've sued. I mean, it's his job to ensure your safety while avoiding lawsuit.

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number 20, I love your picture. nuff said.

has anyone ever considered that op might be a guy?

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who the **** can't control a wheelchair?

Laughable #63. You can't force a customer to be reliant on no-one, especially if he explicitly wishes to do so. If you shave in the airplane (for whatever reason) and you cut yourself, does it give you a right to sue the airlines for not watching while you were in the latrine? What about when you pee your trousers? Get the money off them because they didn't warn you that when you pee seated in your seat you will pee your trousers? Shame on you.

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I can't change my prof pic on my itouch it goes away. can anyone help me???

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err... i mean this in the politest way possible ... how the hell does that help??

It doesn't help at all, but at least she was the first to try. See how being first doesn't mean anything?

fail. go to your account on the updated fml app, and it'll say change picture or somethin like that.

rc: Could it be a file size or format issue? Email the staff for help.

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some people are just too stubborn to know when they need help.

I needed help today. went out on rollerblades for the first time :P...never doing that in a public place. Everyone I know saw me, and I just saw someone facebooked about me trying to get up a hill :P I would consider it FML worthy if there wasn't already FMLs that were a bit lame.

suppressed: I know I'm late, but I enjoyed your Story Day. :)

Your age has nothing to do with whether or not you need wheelchair assistance because of a broken leg...

Yeah, but people still give you dirty looks if you're young and otherwise look healthy. Apparently, needing help is automatically equated with laziness in some minds. =

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is that how you make your moves on women? haha Let me guess, you talked about the first thing that popped up?

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Bring on the idiots who will say "Karma is a bitch" OP, it's good to be independent, but it's also OK to accept help. Try and accept help, whenever it's necessary. There are a lot of people in this world, not willing to help at all.

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like me... I wouldn't help. screw that.

I was walkig past an ATM yesterday when the couple who were withdrawing money lost it to the wind. It went all over. I couldn't work out what to do, whether to help them or just walk straight through or whatever. :/ In the end I helped since everyone else stopped, and saved £90 from the wind for them :) (true story) :]

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Is everyone happy to see me today, or what?

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I wish the feeling was mutual. :X

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I'll be happy to see you, if you remembered to bring the "Jagermeister"! I'm going to make you a drink called "Sex with an Alligator". It's a layered drink that we'll drink with a straw and we'll toast to "me" not believing in "Karma" at all.

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Oh hey iicaptain, you're here too? Let me grab an extra glass.(: Docbastard you realized you hiddenly called yourself an idiot right?(: Lol Btw I love the "Princess Bride"!! That movie makes me want to switch poisonous drinks with me enemies.

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I could use a stiff drink right about now! Where's Pendatik and Jane?

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i got a stiff drink for you right here :O

rallets 22

lmfao..ehh, pretty sure you couldve came up with something better than that maybe next time? :D

FFML_314 11

I would rather drink a tall glass of Smegma, then have anything from you. (Google will give you the definition of Smegma) Besides, I want a man, not a miscreant man who falls /short/ Pendatik, can I share the seat with you? Rallets is getting grabby.

sourgirl101 28

Damn Penatik, no training wheels for you? We gotta slow you down before the party ends too early. Water in between drinks from now on okay? Rallets whatcha got there? 'cause I don't see it (:

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meh..jeez you guys are uptight..cant even take a joke :P..always resorting to using a thesaurus to insult lol and yea i already knew what smegma was but i guess im done here ohh great..more vultures lmao bye ladies :D

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I'm sorry, Rallets. *Reaches out for a hug.* You set yourself up to be insulted, but I truly wasn't meaning what I said. You know that's true, because I never apologize for being mean! Sourgirl, I'm going to sit in your booth. Pendatik was even more grabby.

you guys are extremely gay.. i love what the internet has done

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Extremely gay? No, I'm only 1/2 gay! Or as you "weird" people would say "bi-sexual" *makes very mad face* How could you tell? Stop listening to my thoughts! I can't help that Sourgirl looks hot. Tough crowd. Tough crowd.

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Is that why I have this carpet taste in my mouth?

nah its that stash your father has next to you

Ironically, I missed this party because I was the DD at another one. Hehe, I said "DD"...

I cropdust your party and steal your drinks!

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Lol mom was just trying to help.

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if your a dude an she was a good looking chick, I say "win" if not I don't know what to else to post!