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  Somuchart  |  3

Why do we always ask if they meant their ex? I hope he's not her ex, alright? Because I like reading these damn FMLs, and if everyone broke up with one another there wouldn't be anymore. So stop encouraging op to break up with him so I can enjoy my sad lonely life.

  frizz101  |  22

Sorry 59 in this case I do hope OP broke up with him, that is a toxic relationship with the boyfriend being nothing more than a parasite. But I do agree with you on most other fml relationship issues, this one will never work.


#51 not everyone wants the help though, there are many people content to live their lives like this. Sadly they do exist, and well it may be judgmental to assume the boyfriend is one of those people this FML really doesn't suggest he's one of the ones looking for help.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

it's not exactly because of 'doormat girlfriends.' once a guy like this sucks someone dry until she has had enough, he will go on to the next one to repeat the same behavior. girls do it to guys, too. but the horrible significant other in these situations has rarely taken advantage of just one person. that's just the way it goes. sometimes the person waits until they've fully hooked someone until showing their true personality.

  TheDrifter  |  23

They seem magnetically drawn to them. In fact, I pretend to be one when trying to pick up women because it works so well. Just let them see the real you slowly and they'll think that they really can change a man.

  xNephilim  |  18

My now fiancé was a scumbag like that at one point. He stole to support his addiction. But he also did time for it and realized what he was doing and he's a perfectly functional member of society now. Employed and clean. I was lucky to come into the picture after he got clean, though. If he was on drugs when I met him, I wouldn't have gone out with him to begin with because I know how he was at his lowest points. It's easy to point fingers and say they're not worth it because so many of them aren't. Mine was because he WANTED to be.