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Today, my cousin is visiting from Oklahoma. He can't go a minute without saying "YOLO" or "Swag". He's going to be here for a week. FML
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chrisp87 11

I'm assuming your cousin is a teenager who probably plays Xbox and screams ( Come at me bro )

Does he use hash tags unnecessarily too? #swag#yolo#420#FML #bouttogetburied


chrisp87 11

I'm assuming your cousin is a teenager who probably plays Xbox and screams ( Come at me bro )

I think it doesn't matter, feel free to not start a flame war here on an unrelated forum

Aaaand 21 cannot take responsibility. When did #1 ever say anything against playstations? You started this bud.

BlitzPKF 10

Yep and playing COD at what the highest prestige talking about "Pawning N00BS"

GoodLookingGeese 10

You both are WRONG! Wiiiii ruleZ!!! And let's see what's happening - Bazinga!

Trutous: Please, take your immature, irresponsible ass and **** off of FML. The point of #1's comment, despite your narrow-mindedness, was not to attack a game console, it was to say OP's cousin is immature; much like you appear to be. However, rather than taking the comment for what it was, you decided to devolve to a 13 year old 'console war' mentality. Trust me, we don't need that shit on here. We have enough idiots to deal with as it is.

What's wrong with Xbox? Can't take there #SWAG?

chrisp87 11

It seems your narrow mind misunderstood my perspective. My argument had nothing to do with Xbox I was just speaking in generalities. It seems you're to ignorant to see exactly where my statement was focused on.

chrisp87 11

Thank you for seeing where exactly I'm coming from. I greatly appreciate it.

chrisp87 11
kyu_Q 19

Who ever came up with YOLO should be shot in the nuts.

No I'm pretty sure when it comes to graphics and other stuff, Wii is at the bottom of the list in my opinion. PS3 is 1st and XBox is 2nd. @ 42

#98- what part of this not being the place for console wars (nor is any other place) did you not understand? And previous comments, #110, do not erase your lack of maturity here. You claim to be just giving a rebuttal to his bias, but showed bias against ps3 yourself. True neutrality would say "any console" and not correct with an equally bias statement...

Trutous, FMLs aren't always in requirement of some insight or philosophical bullshit from a self-proclaimed psychologist. There is a lot of good that people shed light on in their comments, but it's just an FML.

The reason you're "ignorant, irresponsible, and narrow-minded" is simply because you needed to be captious about the little detail of an Xbox being mentioned rather than another console. Honestly, who uses the neutral term "console"? The usage of "Xbox" was not meant to insult, nor start a console war.

Trutous, I believe the proper usage of the language, and what I also believe what you were aiming for, is "of course," not "oh course." I also noticed you mixed up the word "too" with "to." I will stay neutral in this flame war, but I simply cannot allow such an abhorrent use of grammar to be used. I hope you will take my findings into consideration. Thank you.

They should just be shot in general.

Wait so Trutuous, are you mad that the OC used Xbox in his comment because you like Xbox or because you like PS3? Or are you just being a fizzy douche?

Can't we all just get along? *Sniff

I'm having fun downvoting this trutous guy..

chrisp87 11

Like I mentioned prior to this my statement had nothing to do with Xbox. I happen to own an Xbox my question is where exactly does it mention me disrespecting Xbox or Microsoft? And instead of you owning up to your fault you justify your behavior quit taking the focus off yourself and be " Mature " like you proclaim.

I was referring to the "smart" people on FML who talk about the greatest life lessons on other posts, not this one. Read the context of my entire comment.

chrisp87 11

I didn't realize you'd be getting so booty sore over me talking about Xbox you give a speech nobody cares about. And honestly who really gives a crap what console I brought up it's completely irrelevant. Seems to me you need to get a job or a hobby whichever comes first have a nice day cry baby.

-1 I'm a teenager. I play Xbox/pc/ps2 And I scream. Do I scream yolo and swag..? Hell no.

Perception 6

#178 Congratulations, you are the most pathetic commenter I have ever seen. As much as I know I am just feeding the troll even more, please, please just stop.

Give him a swag and send him to sleep in the yard...

I live in Oklahoma, and it is surprisingly bad here. The swagfags are rampant. I can't say I haven't been tempted to do this at times.

oj101 33

YOLO isn't really useful for anything apart from explaining why swimming in a lake full of crocodiles isn't a great idea. And as for SWAG, what an idiotic word!

Swags are handy for sleeping out in the bush. Handy so the dropbears and yhettis cant attack while you sleep. Or maybe hes taken an interest to the homosexual movement in the 70's as #15 pointed out.

lexi365 20

Hey now, the Lonely Island made an awesome song explianing/about yolo.

It should the other way around... OLOY.... Only Losers Obey Yolo

swag was a term used in the 1920s as a secret word for sailors to use so they wouldn't be dishonorably discharged it stood for secretly we are gay so let him scream it that much more

coolboy675 16

Who needs swag when YOLO?! Or better yet, YOLOLO. And if he happens to wear so-so polos, YOWOSOSOPOLOS. But if you mean that in a gay way, YOWOSOSOPOLOSSOHOMO. And if you don't want to be 40 year old virgin OP, I suggest you take your advice from your name.

I feel your pain. My sister never stops saying those and I live with her ALL of the time.

Does he use hash tags unnecessarily too? #swag#yolo#420#FML #bouttogetburied

Noooo you fools I asked you to burry meeee! :P

Well..... Your post has meaningful justification, which explains the success

You can't see it, but I'm doing the kip fist pump right now. Yussssssssss

I thought we left YOLO and Swag behind in 2012? I guess not...

TheDrifter 23

That would drive me insane. I have a computer illiterate coworker that is constantly looking for the "hashtag button" on the keyboard. She doesn't think it's funny when I tell her to google it.

No, apparently it was rehashed. Unfortunately.

Oh no... It's still hunting us! Unfortunately

pkom96 5

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Roskosity 22

Does wearing your sisters sunnies help you fit in where your from champ?

Your apsotultelely rite 14. We has no edecatin and still live in a tp and ride horses. I am in Kansas right now to use the Internet.

Yeah man I kinda took offense to that one. I'm from Oklahoma AND I'M A BLONDE TEENAGE GIRL, but I'm still educated and have a good life without the #swaaagg #yolobro crap. I'm about to graduate, and get a job so my boyfriend of two years and I can get a place. Just, watch what you say.

**** off dude. I'm from Oklahoma and it is very civilized. There are some **** tards here who say yolo and swag. Not all of us do. I for one can't stand swag and yolo. So **** off for insulting Oklahoma

71- Sorry but you lost me at "blonde teenage girl" :P

weasel123 9

I assure you that Oklahoma is no less civilized than any other part of the country. Most of us don't use the words "swag" or "yolo."

WeWereWealth7 7

#71, why do I get the feeling you commented on this post just so you could mention the fact that you have a boyfriend?