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Today, my 18 year old son learned that just because his girlfriend was on top doesn't mean gravity will prevent her from becoming pregnant. FML
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It's really astounding just how stupid the younger generation is.

yeah, 'cause vast amounts of stupidity has never been seen in any other generation...

Singling out a single rotten egg is never enough for you people huh? Always turning it into a generational problem.

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It really isn't that astounding, considering the abstinence only sex ed some kids get. I had a very comprehensive education.

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Yes, our generation is so dumb. We've caused multiple government shutdowns, unnecessary wars, the 2008 economic downturn, the dot Com bubble, etc.

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This sounds more like a parenting issue. OP should have thought him better.

If you're going to criticize the teaching someone receives/gives, at least spell "taught" correctly.

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I'm pretty sure it should be common sense, and blaming OP for not telling his son, "gravity will not prevent pregnancy "... Well, did your parents have that specific talk with you? I think for a parent to do that would require assuming their child is an exceptionally special case, and would still be highly insulting for their child if the parents were wrong.

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No, he didn't have to say it directly. Simply educating him on how a women gets pregnant and that a condom is ALWAYS necessary is enough for this to not happen. If you assume he couldn't put the information together himself, then he IS a special case and OP should have actually educated him more. Do you really think somebody with all the facts would still make this kind of miscalculation but still be completely lucid in every other facet of life? Nope. This doesn't sound like an "out of nowhere" moment of stupidity. His actions are OPs responsibility.

There's a LOT of myths on things like this. It's easy to say it should be common sense when you have an understanding of everything. I wouldn't fully blame the parent, it's just a failure of sex education in general. Not to mention this wasn't just op's son, but the girl too.

133 Actually, yes. I know some people who would make this kind of mistake knowing all the facts. And the fact that this kid is 18 implies that he does know all the important stuff. The most likely reason is that some of his older friends told him that and he was stupid enough to believe them.

Not his fault, the US school system failed him.

People should honestly start talking to their kids about safe sex at a younger age and stop being surprised when teens are becoming parents at young ages. But OP, your son is definitely a dumbass.

That was exactly my reaction when I first saw this one #2. I then had the people around me wondering why I just hit myself in the face.

Your son is legen-wait for it-dary...

#19, it was a poorly timed How I Met Your Mother reference. But if you don't get why the son is legendary, neither do I.

I think #3 might've meant "legendary" as an insult, rather than a compliment. As in, "the level of stupidity in your son is legendary", or something like it. That doesn't sound too great, but it's the best I could think of.

I think you mean legen-wait for it-daddy. Legendaddy!

#65, in this case, "daddy's home" would have been a better reference.

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Uh, I'm sorry, but people with the mindset of gravity preventing insemination is NOT within the norm.

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That sounds like a really awkward movie. I would not see that.

2/5 stars, too awkward to sit through. Would not recommend.

1/5 stars. Too much dialogue. Not enough action.

sounds like a sequel to the show on CBS. Also wouldnt want to watch that.

Now you know about him skipping on his health classes.

That doesn't necessarily mean anything. The majority of schools in the US are abstinence-only sexual education. In my high school we learned a small amount of reproductive anatomy and STDs. My teacher said "I'm not even supposed to tell you this much, but if you're active, please use protection." So if that's all you would get anyway, skipping health class wouldn't make much of a difference.

Christianity is based upon a virgin getting pregnant. Abstinence obviously isn't working ;')

That isn't just the US, Canada does that too. It's a real shame. If you ask me, the education system is failing the students.

My school didn't even require health. We had an optional one day to learn about STDs. Teachers weren't allowed to answer questions about sex. Between that and my Christian parents, I knew basically nothing about sex going into college.

It's not just the education system. Parents also find the topic hard to talk about. It's one thing to talk about it in a class, but a parent needs to be able to guide their children by advising and completely informing them about stuff like this. The schools are also at fault, but the blame doesn't rest entirely on them. On a related note, this really a YDI for the OP, his son and this girl are total dumba**es for not knowing that any position can get her pregnant.

When did it become the school's responsibility to ensure children are raised properly? They are not the wards of the State; they are in the custody of their parents until they are considered to be adults. Perhaps OP should have had a discussion with his son about this instead of relying on somebody else to rear his son.

A school isn't in charge of raising of course.. But it's in charge of TEACHING.

They can only teach what they are told to teach though. The government dictates what can and cannot be taught, so if you're going to blame the school system, blame the government aspect of it, not the school. It is still the parents responsibility to teach their kids about sex. Kids should know all about it at least when they hit puberty, in my opinion.

Now, I may be incredibly incorrect on my facts here, so I apologize before hand if I come off as an idiot, I just might be. Wasn't there a study that showed that teen pregnancy is greater in areas where only abstinence is taught? I remember vaguely hearing something about this.

I don't blame anyone unless they are advocating abstinence only education. And yes, I believe I heard areas that taught more about sex and pregnancy have less pregnancies. Teens will have sex, it's that simple, but the education will keep things like this from happening by disproving myths and teaching actual protection methods.

Did you not have the talk with him? I think you're at least partially to blame for not teaching your kid, who's an adult now, (enough) about sex.

I'm concerned about how he discovered that.

Seriously? It's blatantly obvious that she got pregnant. :P

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don't u people give your kids sex ed classes in schools in the US??

Abstinence only ones, yes. That's about it.

Not in all states, some states like Minnesota and California cover abstinence but don't stress it as the only option. A lot of states do abstinence only sex education though.

Abstinence only and kids don't pay attention in school anyway

Sex ed in my health 1 class was watching Juno. Sex ed in my health 2 class was writing STI definitions and watching Juno.

My class were basically taught that the slightest drop of spunk anywhere near our bits could get us pregnant and we should treat it like biohazard material. Some girls still got pregnant pretty young, but I'll bet it was because they thought having a baby would be 'cute'. You can't out-teach stupidity sometimes.

Louisiana is abstinence only sex ed. My mom came to me and told me about condoms and how a girl can get pregnant in any position, but that's rare for a southern baptist state.

Funding was cut to states that did not teach abstinence-only education following several teaching points, several of which were untrue. The trend is starting to reverse now, but many conservative states, such as my own Oklahoma, continue to believe it is an effective doctrine, despite the solid evidence against it.

It shouldn't be the school's responsibility. Parents should teach their kids about safe sex practices.

And the same states that teach abstinence-only also prohibit abortion.

Watch the sex education episode of last week tonight by John oliver. You'll know then

Not really. Mine was more about making good choices, smoking and what happens after sex with STDs and pregnancy.