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  xoconnie  |  8

Come on, i think you should ask yourself.. do i really want to be with someone who is deciding between those 2 job choices??

if yes... god bless ya and goodluck
if no... dump him and find a guy who doesnt sell drugs!!!!! jesus christ, its not that hard!!!

  GreenAppleDP  |  0

Hanging drywall does pay very well. My uncle makes $35 an hour doing it.

As for the drug dealer, they make money too but if the boyfriend is doing drugs he won't be bringing much in. Lol..

Seriously, OP, just do your best to talk him into hanging drywall if those are his career choices. He'll make money and it's not illegal.

  hope540  |  0

How is that saying the lords name in vain? He was saying god should bless her... is saying bless you when someone sneezes saying the lords name in vain too?


You know, you can sell pot and make quite a bit of money. And I'd you don't smoke, it's a pretty stable way to make money. Stoners smoke all the time lol they will come to you because they have a "dealer". Not a good way to make a living but more of a side job. I say do both :p sometimes money doesn't effect love.. Love it love :)


skoomaki, once you see at least 7 of my comments, I want a bio in your about me too D: /offtopic. he could very well make it as a private contractor/ tax pirate to hide his secret drug dealing day job. or he could start practicing calligraphy for when he starts doing tattoos in jail. not that I'm against pot dealers, or think they should go to jail. I dunno. I had to say SOMETHING related to the FML after my ego-fail. o.o

  Doxy  |  22

SkoomaKi, guess you are the new official FML storyteller. Keeping track of FML Legends and passing their stories to future generations.

  TheBeastiest  |  6

Skoomaki. This is off topic but I want a story. That's so damn cool.

Back to the topic at hand, yeah and call the plants Billy since they would bring in the bills an pay the bills.

  nick315  |  8

Maybe or maybe she's decided it's cool and he should be a pot dealer when she helps him. While she also takes up a side job of prostitution. I mean, hey together owed money and slut money they could be the next millionaires...... or they could be the next show on cops.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

This is one of the instances where there IS a reason to leave your other, unlike all those other FML's. He needs to join reality and figure out a real job. But it sounds like his choices will be limited...

  yousodi  |  8

Wtf,,, where do u ppl live that pot dealers end up in jail??? No cops bother with pot anymore n it's a total grey area in the law these days... Come on ppl support your local small businesses :)

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Uh, well I live in Pa. Very much a no marijuana state, sadly. But I'm pretty positive if you sell weed on the black market it is illegal. Life isn't like that American weed show.

  kittygogrr  |  3

It depends where u are. And American weed isn't nearly as crackin as CA. Dispensaries r on every block. And having a 215 means u can grow and sell a certain amount for and to other medical marijuana patients. I'm just saying.

  Urbanchiller  |  0

Look,every dispensaries gives out free small amount of weed, ofcourse if you have the card,so just drive around LA go through every single dispensaries and collect close to pound of weed, just saying.