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Today, I was walking in Walmart with my dad. We walked past the deodorant aisle. My dad said, "Need any deodorant?" I said, "No thanks." He replied, "That was a hint." FML
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perdix 29

Maybe that explains why you are hanging out in Walmart with your dad, and not with a boyfriend/girlfriend.


silbot 11

Usually, if someone stinks, people don't like to be around them. Keep that in mind..

I agree with you, I think is better if the person is close to you; and even if the person is not close to you is still better if They tell you. At least I would prefer if anyone told me instead of trying to protect my feelings; for me its better to know I have to improve my hygiene than being unaware that people are uncomfortable around me cos I stink.

tjv3 10

Maybe you should shower more OP and use body wash

tjv3 10

When I was in school we had a group of kids that we had to have a special after class discussion about personal hygiene because they all stunk very bad and had very bad breath

worst part of management= having to tell someone they need to shower. Nothing worse than telling someone not close to you they stink!

perdix 29

Maybe that explains why you are hanging out in Walmart with your dad, and not with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Just because someone has a boyfriend, doesn't mean they have to be with them 24/7 and aren't allowed to go shopping with their family. OP, at least he tried to be subtle :)

perdix 29

#9, CTFD. Why so serious? Just trying to make a few little jokes here. I should be grateful you didn't jump down my throat for suggesting it's not fun to go to Walmart with your dad. A few days ago, I took my daughter to Walmart and had her doubling over with laughter at my zany hijinks.

perdix 29

#23, it's funny that you used (sp?) once. You could have used it many, many times in your post. :D

TheVelocirabbit 10

What does SP stand for on here? I tried looking it up, but it had a lot of answers, and I didn't know which one.

peve3 12

Spelling mistake possibly??

28- the person above me is right. When someone goes " (sp?) " beside a word, they're wondering if they got the spelling correct and/or are unsure of the actual spelling of the word. Sp. = spelling.

Er, I think some of the things i said were redundant, lol... Oopsiesssss.... :'c... AAAAAANNYYyyywaaaayyyy.... Yes, in this case, #28, the "sp?" was referring to the spelling. :)

TheVelocirabbit 10

Well while we're learning here what does OP mean please? Lol

fylx100 19

47- OP just stands for "Original Poster" and now I know you're gonna read that and think "What is original poster?" because that is what I was thinking when I first found out lol. Original poster is the male/female that posted this FML. So If you read "FYL OP" they are telling the person who posted the FML that their life sucks. Lol hope this helps you understand!

54- It might just be that you use the mobile version. I find that I make quite a few mistakes when using my mobile because of the keys being too close to each other. dyslexic* (sorry I couldn't contain myself).

All I can picture is some greasy kid heading straight for the computer games isle. :/

OP deserves it for being a Smelly Kelly.

I think OP should take the hint, and of he doesn't already, shower in the mornings. I shower at night but I really don't smell. Even after sports. But OP, FYL as well as YDI for being smelly.

Lol same here. He was at Walmart shopping for clothing

crazzy_jazzy 4

Steam has sales, no point in running to walmart for that

Finnick_fml 12

.. I'm sorry, OP. /: At least he wasn't terribly blunt, most people tend to be assholes if someone around them stinks. There's no easy, unoffensive way to tell people that they need to put on deodorant/shower more - but at least your Dad told you! :) Trust me, it's a lot better that then being embarrassed by people wrinkling their nose when around you/some random stranger telling you. I don't blame you, though - it's superrrr hot & disgusting out :I

It might not have been because you smell! Maybe you had sweat stains. My friend gets laaaarge sweat stains, but doesn't smell at all.

I always thought Walmart was a third world country where people don't use deodorant. Hm.

TheDrifter 23

I have seen the children wearing it as war paint Doc, I think that counts. That place is like the world's biggest unsupervised daycare.

TheVelocirabbit 10

And that's a reason I like Festival more.

One would think so what with all the dirty, ravenous, uncared for children running around.

citymayer 7

It's weird when I see people dumping on Walmart for trashiness and such because the Walmart in my city is actually a pretty nice place. It's clean and looks nice. Even smells nice. People control their children. Only the occasional public pajama sighting. The only problems they share with other walmarts described on the Internet are the restrooms (a given since its public) and the checkout lines.

51, go look up 'people of walmart'. Please and thank you.

citymayer 7

Too bad it has nothing to do with what I said. Allow me to paraphrase, i find it weird when people dump on Walmart bc the Walmart in my town (the only Walmart I've been to) is awesome. What does people of Walmart have to do with that? I already know what people of Walmart is. So... Your welcome for wasting my time answering you.

nancyschmancy 9

Wow, you really are mayor. You excel at being a dick!

trueblue170 13

I think your dad was being cruel to be kind, there.

Well at least he was being somewhat subtle about it. Also who else is having problems with the app?

rcgirl2 11

Too bad that one girl did when she was laying on her stomach in her bikini. Make sure you wash your ass too OP. You don't want to end up like her.

either that, or shower more often, your pick.