By ambushcat - 06/07/2012 03:31 - United States

Today, I was messing with my cat by moving my hand around under the sheets to make it look like a mouse, making him pounce at it. Without thinking, I brought my hand up to scratch my nose and was immediately attacked by flailing claws. FML
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jellitonoctopus 19

That's actually kind of cute.

"Today, I was messing with my cat by moving my hand around under the sheets" ... Your 'cat', hmm?


Madden12 6

You just wanted to write pussy...... Me too.

At least the cat itched your nose, even if it resulted in a little blood.

jellitonoctopus 19

That's actually kind of cute.

Getting mauled is ******* adorable. I should know, I do it to others.

the_anti_hipster 7

...and this is why I'm a dog person. Kitties are cute but they have sharp claws of Satan!

Really thought this was going to have a weird parent walking in twist at the end.

"My mom walked in to see the cat attached to my face"

Grootensliven 10

Kitty's in the game and there are no breaks. Ever

When at war with kitties, there is no quarter and they take no prisoners!

I have somewhat had this problem... I am a manager at a local fast food restaurant. Now only speaking for myself, but I am just the right height and it seems that people I train aren't in the flow of things yet. So it happens more with them that I accidentally graze or touch certain parts of them on complete accident. This sometimes freaks me out because well lets say I'm an adult and usually trainees are 16-17 yrs old. However, this only happens on occasion and I make sure whoever understands it is an accident. This many times in a half hour seems suspicious.

Aww, sweet kitty. I absolutely ADORE kitties, sometimes I even dress them up in those animal clothes all the other lifeless losers buy for their pets, hahaha. But I digress. You have ten times the life I'll ever have. Kitties 4eva yo. xOxOxOx

mizuki123 8

What's wrong with having a cat? My cat acts like a dog all the time.

Cats are awesome and dogs could probably do way more damage than a cat

I'm sorry but why would I ever give a **** on this comment? Any ideas people?

Great comment. I dont know why these morons thumbed you down!!!