By ambushcat - United States
Today, I was messing with my cat by moving my hand around under the sheets to make it look like a mouse, making him pounce at it. Without thinking, I brought my hand up to scratch my nose and was immediately attacked by flailing claws. FML
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By  mystashisgone  |  6

I have somewhat had this problem... I am a manager at a local fast food restaurant. Now only speaking for myself, but I am just the right height and it seems that people I train aren't in the flow of things yet. So it happens more with them that I accidentally graze or touch certain parts of them on complete accident. This sometimes freaks me out because well lets say I'm an adult and usually trainees are 16-17 yrs old. However, this only happens on occasion and I make sure whoever understands it is an accident. This many times in a half hour seems suspicious.

By  fcooper05  |  0

Aww, sweet kitty. I absolutely ADORE kitties, sometimes I even dress them up in those animal clothes all the other lifeless losers buy for their pets, hahaha. But I digress. You have ten times the life I'll ever have. Kitties 4eva yo. xOxOxOx