By ambushcat / Friday 6 July 2012 03:31 / United States
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By  mystashisgone  |  6

I have somewhat had this problem... I am a manager at a local fast food restaurant. Now only speaking for myself, but I am just the right height and it seems that people I train aren't in the flow of things yet. So it happens more with them that I accidentally graze or touch certain parts of them on complete accident. This sometimes freaks me out because well lets say I'm an adult and usually trainees are 16-17 yrs old. However, this only happens on occasion and I make sure whoever understands it is an accident. This many times in a half hour seems suspicious.

By  fcooper05  |  0

Aww, sweet kitty. I absolutely ADORE kitties, sometimes I even dress them up in those animal clothes all the other lifeless losers buy for their pets, hahaha. But I digress. You have ten times the life I'll ever have. Kitties 4eva yo. xOxOxOx


Today, I had a call to the rodent rescue I run. They wanted to know if we had any mice for adoption and how much they cost. I told them that we had over 30 mice, and that we don't charge but do take donations. They said, "That's fantastic! I've been struggling to find snake food that isn't frozen!" FML

By bekkylove22 / Wednesday 27 May 2015 08:45 / United Kingdom - London
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