By littledipper - 25/09/2013 03:51 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I found out that the nice guy who comes to my workplace every morning to bring me a smoothie also makes a point of putting his knob in it before giving it to me. Also, all my coworkers knew about this and think it's hilarious. FML
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Well, that's a dick move.

Was it a vanilla milkshake?


Was it a vanilla milkshake?

Lets hope he dident shake his vanilla into her smoothie

Better hope it wasn't lemon aid either!

jw90 18

No it was chocolate

ThatFancyPenn 18

It was a smoothie. You're thinking of a milkshake

Or suspicious clear-looking liquid...

What exactly clear suspicious looking liquids does your body secrete ?

Well, that's a dick move.

That's punny

solesamurai 3

Son of a bitch

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That's a win

Pilkipedia 8

Do you like fish sticks?

mmyoung979 14

Ha, this comment got buried. Just like that guy's dick in her smoothie.

Bro that's gross

That's terrible. Stop accepting the smoothies unless he drinks some too.

I'm sure he wouldn't care if his own dick was in it, so it wouldn't prove anything.

#24, Call me old-fashioned but I typically refrain from drinking liquids that I put my dick in.

How about stop accepting drinks, or even salutations from him at all, just on principle? My self respect alone would accept nothing less, especially since I've yet to order any drink with an extra shot of penis in it. :p

next time, ask him to bring you a steaming hot cup of coffee instead

reymon8823 24

#43 do you eat your girlfriend out? If so then you put your mouth where your dicks been

I eat my girlfriend out but she's staying a virgin til marriage so just because you eat a girl out doesn't mean you put your mouth where your dick has been

#43 Also, has your girlfriend given you a ********? Have you kissed her since then? If so then you have put your mouth where your dick has been.

#105, lick it before you stick it. eat out before sex. Then I really hope your girlfriend showers before the next session. There is just something about tasting secretions that's very nausiating to me.

#163 - scope? no? she doesn't brush her teeth?

I specifically said 'drink a liquid' to avoid all these obvious sex questions. But no, I don't make out with people after they blow me, or eat out after sticking my dick somewhere. Call it personal preference, but I avoid tasting my own genitals.

You have terrible coworkers.

jarockstar27 10

Sad part is OP isn't the only person with coworkers like this.....I could see mine doing the same thing! *shiver*

Banana split smoothie?

I'm sure she split his banana upon finding this out.

Don't forget the added yogurt! :P

"Banana spit"

I definitely would have for sure. Just sick

It is hilarious... Though still very inappropriate. Just hope he didn't pee or.. something in it too.

Because him essentially washing his dick in her daily drink wasn't bad enough? ;p That thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth....metaphorically. ;P

TheDrifter 23

Added protein, no extra charge? What a sweet guy.

I'm picturing more of a-- salty guy.

TheDrifter 23

Sweet and salty, the chocolate covered pretzel of smoothie givers.

Next time tell him to try it, how they're always excellent and you wonder if he's ever enjoyed them himself.

Is his name Perdix?

TheDrifter 23

Do this is Perdix's new project? Subliminal messaging to get OP to associate the taste of his Dick with her favorite smoothie? Well played.