By littledipper / Wednesday 25 September 2013 03:51 / United States - Brooklyn
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  Dracoboxer357  |  35

How about stop accepting drinks, or even salutations from him at all, just on principle? My self respect alone would accept nothing less, especially since I've yet to order any drink with an extra shot of penis in it. :p

  TattooInvasion  |  14

#105, lick it before you stick it. eat out before sex. Then I really hope your girlfriend showers before the next session. There is just something about tasting secretions that's very nausiating to me.

  AholeCop  |  11

I specifically said 'drink a liquid' to avoid all these obvious sex questions. But no, I don't make out with people after they blow me, or eat out after sticking my dick somewhere. Call it personal preference, but I avoid tasting my own genitals.

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