By thanksmum - Germany
Today, I decided to take a nap before a big job interview at 6. I set two alarm clocks to make sure I didn't miss it, but I woke up at 5:59. As I'm scrambling in a panic to get out the door, my mom says calmly, "I took your alarm clocks out of your room because you looked really tired today." FML
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  TurboTalon  |  0

1) You live at home, mom should know about important interviews, I'm sure she'd like to know rents coming soon.

2) This gives you the great opportunity of lying. I'd go in with my ankle wrapped and a story about how my sister is a junkie in rehab and I'm taking care of her kid and I tripped over their toy while trying to get them to a backup sitter after the first one fell through. And then go into some big speech about how I hate irresponsible people who can't be dependable and how much I value people taking control of their own lives.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

But the OP's alarms didn't fail... Their mother just decided to do something incredibly stupid. Even if the OP did look tired, their mother should have realized that if the oP has not one, but TWO alarm clocks set, then there's a reason and she shouldn't touch them.

  holly_fly  |  34

So big, that if OP got it... They might not have to live with their mom anymore. Mind blowing, right?

Not every parent makes their child pay rent as soon as they turn 18. My parents want me to stay home as long as possible cuz I'm the only girl, and I pay every other bill (including 100% of my college). They know I've got enough on my plate for now.maybe it's the same situation.

And to everybody saying OP deserves it for not letting the mom know... Why should they have to in order for mommy not to take the alarms. Or even go in OP's room while they are sleeping and look to see if OP has alarms set. It's this wonderful thing called privacy. Every adult, even ones that still live at home, should have complete privacy in their own living space. (As long as they aren't doing anything illegal or being too loud with the SO.) ;)