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By  bonermonkey  |  31

Because if it makes the other person feel Uncomfortable, how you intended it does. not. matter. you caused them discomfort and you need to deal with the consequences of your actions.


"You look pretty today."
"You are an attractive woman."
Not sexual harrasment. You day thanks and be done.
"You look good!" or some form there of.

By  revolvearoundme  |  15

A lot of it isn't that people don't want the compliments, they just don't want them from that person who they consider below their standard. It's like fishing, you put on your lure, cast, and next thing you know you got a bastard sand shark on the line, now you gotta deal with that because cutting your line is a total dick move and you only eat fancy fish. You catch 3 sand sharks in a row, then very likely that third needs to be punished.

By  Lalala579121  |  27

8, Then anybody could just say that anything someone said made them uncomfortable, and get people fired just because they don't like them.

I agree there needs to be a definite line, I don't think just off-handedly saying "you look good today" should be taken as sexual harassment, but based on how OP said the janitor would not stop saying it, I think it could be taken that way.