By apparentfatty - 11/11/2011 11:50 - Canada

Today, I found out that my husband thinks I'm fat when I caught him slipping diet pills into my morning smoothie. FML
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Slip penis enlargement pills in his drinks. ;D

Well, show him that you think he's constipated by slipping laxatives into his morning coffee.


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Well done captain obvious! I could never had figured THAT out!

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He's not a jerk. He's just a coward. Instead of confronting her, he makes her take those useless pills.

FAT chance she'll lose some weight...

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18 - Agreed. Although women get really particular when men even mention their weight, but this is just beyond the pale. 22 - Alli works they even tell you not to wear light color clothing in case of "anal leakage"

41 - Anal leakage? Eww. I'd rather lose weight slowly rather than sh*t myself all the time. Thank god I never felt the need for diet pills.

Or he could have done what I did. Wife mentioned something about wanting to lose a few pounds. Told her I would jog with her and otherwise be supportive and encouraging. Just my slim imput

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How come no one is asking if OP really did get fat during her marriage? Obviously the hubby should have handled it differently, but I don't think he is entirely to blame.

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73, because you'll get shouted down by everyone who automatically takes the OP's side. Sometimes the options aren't "good" and "bad," they are "bad" and "less bad." I think the husband took the less bad option in this case. Why did the OP let herself go? Good question.

How is he a jerk, maybe he couldn't find a way to talk to his wife about it cuz it's not easy for sure

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Maybe OP had kids & is having a hard time getting the weight off. That doesn't mean she "let herself go". I think the husband had good intentions by not confronting the wife to hurt her feelings but he went about it the wrong way.

she let herself go, and #1 is taking op's side for the same reason.

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Regardless of whether she is fat or not it is never ok to "slip" pills of any kind to another person without their consent. It is a dangerous and selfish thing to do, and could result in serious problems the worst being death

Question.... So is it only the woman who should keep herself slim and attractive? Because tbh I've seen a few guys who have gotten married and completely let go of themselves. I don't see their wives complaining... And these are attractive women who haven't let themselves go. Sorry but op's an ass.

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Morning smoothie? Yup you're fat. Let the bitching!

Lets be fair, at least he only put it in one of her morning smoothies, not all 5.

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Ouch. Now that says something.. But he didn't want to hurt your feelings at least

Either that, or he just didn't wanna get bitched at when he confronted his wife about her weight. Men always try to avoid feminine conflict. Myself included.

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She had it coming... Apparently she has a sweet tooth... Who wakes up to a smoothie anyways? Coffee is where it's at...

She'd probably have her coffee triple triple

89- There's a lot of people who drink morning smoothies? They're actually good for you, on the other hand coffee is not.

Slip penis enlargement pills in his drinks. ;D

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Or laxatives. That'll teach him.

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there's an FML about a dude's wife putting enlargement pills in his coffee. sadly i've been here long enough to know that.

It's laxatives honey.. Don't worry you're still learning you'll get there someday! :D

Well, show him that you think he's constipated by slipping laxatives into his morning coffee.

Ipecac that should get your point across

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Ipecac is too violent. My parents had to use that on me because they thought I had taken and swallowed a pill. I still have horrible flashbacks of it and I was still just a baby, about a year and a half old! Laxitives, though bad, aren't nearly as bad if done to just the right dose.

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If you have a milkshake every morning...

she doesnt have a milkshake she has a smoothie every morning

You drink smoothies in the morning? Hope it is homemade.

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That's what I was thinking. A smoothie every morning is not healthy. Maybe he's onto something, but he still should have discussed it with you instead of trying to sneak things into your food.

I have a smoothie every morning. Frozen unsweetened fruit with 8oz apple juice. It's about 300 calories. is that unhealthy? Nope

30 - Interesting I would like to try one. How do you make one? Any website and etc.?

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Idk, 14, maybe she's having fruit smoothies. No harm in having apples, bananas mixed with ice every morning. :)

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14 - I have a morning smoothie every morning. Low Fat milk and fresh strawberries and bananas. It's not unhealthy at all, especially if it's the only thing you have in the mornings, or if it's just something to hold you over until you're finished working out. Even if you're having something else with it, it's fine. Chances are, the husband is just a dick.

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I have smoothies every morning. I especially love mine with butter instead of milk, substitute the fruit with chunks of cookies and chocolate, mixed with cup loads of sugar. If I'm feeling confident i add mayonnaise on top of it all. This tasty morning treat is then followed with sitting my ass in front of the tv all day.

14 no real recipe or website. Just some frozen fruit and juice. Easy and delish

pretend to slip something into his drink, make sure he sees u doing do then when he asks say its penis enlargement pills

...why not just slip the pills into his drink instead of pretending?....

I don't think it was that bad. You meant well.

*sigh* OP meant well? What, she is the one putting smoothie in her husbands' diet pills?

I'm sure you are just beautiful the way you are! Don't let that faze you.

wow, the white knight is strong in this one... Listen doll, stand in front of a mirror. If the shoe fits, wear it. Then get a smaller foot.

Well sometimes women aren't always perfect and men aren't either. People need to accept the fact that she is fat in her husband's eyes and maybe their relationship might last if she drops a few lbs. Maybe don't sneak pills in to her drink though.

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At least he's honest in a not so direct way

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What he did wasn't honest at all

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Poor guy's not gonna get sex for a long time.

Poor guy? It's his fault for being an insensitive jerk in the first place

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I see we can only make serious comments on FML now. Thanks for the heads up.

That's not necessarily true, I'm allowed to make a comment just the same as you have