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Today, I sent a student to the dean for trying to smoke pot in my class. His mother called to complain that I publicly humiliated her son. FML
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chinaski7628 tells us more.

This is my FML and I never realized it got published until I came across it under the random section. I thought I'd fill in the details because I think about this kid a lot. The student in question was on probation from two previous drug charges. He was a mess-- always drunk or high and everything he did was a cry for help (tagging, fighting, truancy). I'd had a meeting with his mother once already about him failing my class due to poor attendance. She accused me of lying (even though he told her he always ditched my class). He even admitted to me that he picked my class to smoke in because he wanted to get caught and he knew I would turn him in. It actually wasn't this incident that got him expelled-- a week or so later he punched his probation officer and after that I have no idea what happened to him. I don't totally blame him-- he was only 15, after all. And it was hard to see beyond the drugs and bad decisions, but he had brains and was a good artist-- he had potential. If he had had a better mother maybe he might have had a chance. Her denial damaged him considerably. I don't mind the troubled and damaged kids, but it's the parents who made them that way I have no patience for and that make my job difficult. This actually happened three years ago, so I can only hope he's pulled himself together. I know many people that have had similar rough starts to life and have made it out ok.

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badluckalex 23

He'll be more than publicly humiliated when he's suspended for drug use on school property.


He'll be more than publicly humiliated when he's suspended for drug use on school property.

Chelsea_bella 20
fishstick557 14

She's not worried about the fact of how stupid her son is for smoking pot out in the open??

Not even JUST out in the open, but in the middle of a class?! I mean I'll give him credit because that's bold but at all the schools I attended you couldn't even smoke in any of the buildings. Smh

Wizardo 33

#2, in the voice of David Attenborough - "Here we see the mother of this quickly growing Darwinian avoiding species, oblivious to all defects and faults she desperately tries to fend off any help trying to be given to her doomed offspring, often by the lawyers of the same species - one day we can just assume that they will meet a quick and fortunate demise".

thejimler 9

She is either from the most decadent filth of low-class where being a druggie is the norm and is insulted that their lifestyle isn't approved of, or the most pretentious and snobbish of the high income wasps who thinks her precious son would never do something so stupid/bad/immoral, and that the teacher's claim is slanderous so she will threaten to sue everyone unless the claim is dropped and possibly have the teacher fired.

I want to go for the first option so badly...

mashimarox 12

It was for his own good. Stupid parents..

I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to sue the school, knowing parents these days

For his own good, my ass! I'd imagine it would close a lot of doors for him.

And people wonder why stoners have a bad name... Smh.

Beepbeep7 14

Good enough for him! He deserved it for being a little twat that expects to get away with everything.There are consequences for your actions and it sounds to me like those doors SHOULD be slammed on his ass.

Oh, you didn't realize it was for his "bad back?" Kids these days...

Why does this generation have to be this stupid? couldn't we just start world wars like all the other generations?

22 - There's plenty time for that yet. But in all seriousness, this generation isn't worse than any that came before it. It just seems like it is because of exposure on the Internet.

This story has 2 people from 2 generations doing something more than stupid. Just because this happened does not give the okay to blame everyone.

Xatraris 38

He publicly humiliated his self.

yes cuz public humiliation is what's wrong, the fact that her son was smoking is unimportant smh

Parents are kids most the time. As my old man used to say " you don't need a license to pop out a kid but you need one to be a plumber. Makes no sense."

What a nice family must he live in.. loads and loads of drugs probably

And those are the kind of parents who have no business raising children, especially teens who need structure and guidance!!

Anyb0dyTh 8

Wow. You hit the friggen nail right on the head! Common sense still exists! :D