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replace it with something extremely sticky with an ass fragrance..

Put IcyHot on it, that'll send a message.


replace it with something extremely sticky with an ass fragrance..

no I say replace the deodorant inside with creme cheese so when he tries to eat it under his arm pit, he can't because he's too fat. ultimate tourture :)

Agreed, try superglue or sperm or even poo

inject the deodorant with BenGay(tm)

Coat it with Tabasco sauce.

replace it with a glue stick, then burn your desk

LoL that is terrible! I am in for replacing it with glue! Keep a hidden video camera to record it and put it on YouTube!

Slap that fatass!

Put IcyHot on it, that'll send a message.

5 has the best idea! Just beat out the deodorant part and replace it with the IcyHot part :)

no just tell the guy u know what he's being doing and if he doesn't stop u will beat him down but violence isn't the answer

**go through the fatty's desk

exactly what I was thinking #13

if violence isn't the answer then why say you'll beat him down??? I like the glue stick idea.

Complain to HR. Perhaps you can get his fat ass fired... or at the very least disciplined.

shutup you just sound like an idiot

Actually Fritz, he did not sound like an idiot. The fact that you couldn't capitalize the first letter of your sentence, separate the words "shut" and "up", and for not ending your sentence with a period, makes YOU look like an idiot.

You sound like a much bigger idiot, moron.

if he's sweaty, why are you complaining that he uses deodorant? would you prefer that he stinks of sweat?

she would prefer it if he used his OWN deodorant

Because sweat itself is just secreted water. But it's what's usually IN the sweat that makes it gross; bacteria. Your skin is covered in bacteria 24/7, so why would he want someone else's bacteria-filled sweat on THEIR deodorant? That's just unsanitary.

would u rather him ask?

①② ≡ WIN