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Today, I woke up and decided to make my mom a special Easter breakfast in bed. I pre-heated the oven to bake the sausage just the way she likes. Guess where my easter basket was. FML
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redmane 21

I dunno, if you live with other people, they put things in there for preparation or something, I would guess you would need to check it before you preheat.

robinhood007 9

I understand what you're saying but she was excited and did not think she needed to, very rarely would you have to. I mean come was an easter basket...that right there is just weird...

Charle0555 4

I always check before I preheat my parents hide bread in ours sometimes. I have no clue why.. .

redmane 21

Because baking and cooking isn't serious and shouldn't be taken cautiously. I don't know, I wouldn't like to ruin an expensive oven with melted chocolate and plastic.

robinhood007 9

Ok well that's your house. Guessing from the way she did not check, that most likely does not happen in her house and therefore was not her fault. The oven? Really? To hide an easter basket? I am sorry but that's a dumb place to put it. And i'll most likely get thumbed down but idk it just does not seem like her fault. She would have checked it if things were normally in her oven.

redmane 21

Well this doesn't really matter because it is said and done, and it was just a suggestion. People do things on the whim all the time, I understand that but she should have expected the unexpected. I don't care if I get shit for this. Checking it probably would have been the responsible thing to do.

robinhood007 9

You're suggestion should have been to not put something like an easter basket in something used to cook.

redmane 21

Fine. It was both their faults. Jeez.

robinhood007 9

I don't mean to sound bitchy or rude I just feel bad for her and being critical is mean when it was not her fault alone :)

redmane 21

And that is why I voted both for YDI and FYL.

My oven is used for storing things like pot and pans. I would think most people would use it to do the same. It only takes two seconds to check if there's anything in the over. I bet the OP won't make that mistake again.

No you're right, the OP should have checked the oven before turning it on. That's one of the first rules of cooking in a place where more than one person uses the facilities. When I lived with my parents they used to put skillets of grease or pizza in the oven. Hopefully the OP has learned for next time.

redmane 21

I agree with Redmane; this is an FML because the OP accidentally melted their own gift, but more importantly, it's a YDI because they didn't check the oven before turning it on. Check your ovens before operating them, people! House fires are serious business.

robinhood007 9

I guess my family is the only one to use drawers for pots and pans :) my bad did not realize my mistake :) guess that's why I never learned this golden rule :)

redmane 21

You put a wet dish or pot and pan in the oven at 170 degrees for it to dry.

robinhood007 9

I usually let it air dry :) and its more friendly to our earth :) why waste all the energy to do something a towel or air can do?

redmane 21

Sometimes. I do that sometimes. Moderation. And you can put things in there if you can't find space for it at the moment.

robinhood007 9

That's awesome :) but like i said my family used drawers and doesn't dry in the oven. We put stuff in the oven when we're cooking it and my easter basket would go on my dresser in my room :) so I guess I never needed to learn that rule :) my bad. But I'll stick with drawers and towels :) have fun being super dangerous and putting things in something made for cooking :) dont forget to check your microwave too, never know when someone might have put their Pot or pan in it because they needed to store it somewhere :)

redmane 21

It's the whole hiding Easter eggs and baskets thing people do. It was her fault she turned the thing on in the first place, an her parents fault for putting it there. No need to get super personal, it was a suggestion, and a good one at that. I thought you said you didn't mean to be rude or critical. This is kind of slamming how baking or cooking should be done. Sorry.

robinhood007 9

No I'm saying that y'all shouldn't be telling people what to do in their own homes. I am not saying to not check your ovens, if you want to have at it but don't get on people cases who don't do it because they don't have to normally. I was giving y'all an example of a house (with four people) that doesn't have to check. Maybe OP lives in a house like mine :) just a thought so really her mom deserved it not her.

Your :) comments :) are :) unnecessary :) and :) unintelligent :) many people do use appliances for storage, even occasionally. in fact, I don't know many people who, if not doing it themselves, are unfamiliar with the practice.

redmane 21

Maybe OP lives in a house like mine. I gave a good example too. Let's just call this whole teeny debate off and call it a truce.

I'd have to agree that this isn't entirely their fault. 'Just the way she likes them.' To me, that infers that she usually cooks for her mom (or it could be another family member who does, just my guess) and, as used to cooking, it's routine to just immideately preheat. Just my thought but I'm probably looking too far into it. lol

redmane 21

I think we all look a little too far into it.

Redmane I sure hope nothing unfortunate ever happens in your world. If something does and you feel sorry for yourself, you're going to be eating from a bowel of hypocrisy. It seems insanely cynical to suggest that OP honestly deserves to have his/her Easter present fried because OP was trying to do something nice for his/her mother. But I guess by the number of thumbs up and support you have you're not the only one! Happy Easter though right!?

mandapanda94521 1

I always check before I turn it on. Sometimes a baking or broiler pan gets left in when the food gets taken out. It's nice to check to make sure but her parents shouldn't have put her basket there.

redmane and ALpein: After 25 comments you're JUST realizing that you're "looking a little too far into it"? Damn. Must've been one hell of a debate.

robinhood007 9

Other than the fact that if she lived in a house like your she most likely would have checked it because she would have been used to things in the oven but she was not and her easter basket was baked as a result. 119 is right and that is what I meant by saying you're 'suggestion' was mean considering what happened. But I guess people who use their ovens for storage or drying dishes just don't understand that some don't and therefore don't need to check.

robinhood007 9

Oh sorry I forgot people on FML are all serious about other peoples grammar on comments. I'll remember that for next time bro .

Yeah my grandparents put pans in their oven and my mom puts her pan with hot greese in it to cool down so no one touches it....

robinhood007 9

I love how everyone is just adding more about using their appliances for storage but it does not change the fact that not everyone does. If you do, it would be to stupid not to check. But if you do not it is unnecessary. I just do not understand how y'all do not get this. It's a pretty simple idea to understand. Check your ovens, I don't care. But I am not stupid for not doing it considering nothing is stored in my oven, ever. And it was not OP's fault because she most likely does not have to either and this was a freak accident.

Fire. Safety. Check your oven before you fire em up.

No need to be a dick robinhood. I was just trying to give you a tip so you don't get verbally crucified by others. Looks like it was in vain though.

robinhood007 9

I wouldn't care what others think about my grammar. I have good grammar but this is FML and on a phone I am not going to add a comma for everything. And its fire safety if it's a hazard. If it's not then it's just, must I say again, unnecessary.

Maybe OP typically checks but was still sleepy or distracted by Easter. Oh SNAP

redmane 21

119- I never said that she deserves her Easter stuff to be fried, I just said that she should have checked it beforehand. Hopefully she learns from her mistake and checks the oven from now on.

redmane 21

And before anyone ever told me to check, I've fried stuff in the oven in the past. That is why I said shoulda checked it first. I learned from my mistake.

redmane 21

133- are you suggesting that you know for sure that OP lives in a house like yours? Both of our suggestions are hypothetical. We don't know how OP's home works. By the little information we are given, we can't assume.

But we can assume that she will start checking the oven before preheating from now on.

I live with six other people, and we storage pans and stuff in a drawer, but we still check if it's anything in the over for safety-reasons. For all we know someone could have forgotten something in the oven the night before or something?

LOL thank you for making me laugh today. I feel bad for this person but I think it always smart to check an oven before you turn it on.

Jewlz1162 5

I have to check the oven because after my parents fry something they put the pan of oil in the oven.

stump11knights 10

Who checks the oven for an Easter basket? I'd say bad hiding on the parents behalf.

redmane 21

PaulB123 - I'm sorry, unfortunate things have happened to me. Not just breakups and crap like that. Like death of a parent from a terminal disease type things. Am I eating from a "bowel of hypocrisy"? No, I'm not drowning in shit. And if that's what you picked up from those four words in my comment, you my friend are the cynical one.

132: I commented once. One. Uno. Maybe you should actually read through the comments instead of skimming it.

theWINDOWmonster 3

Here's another thing: the book can also be.. a hat!

Well, their mom is on to something... I would have never thought to check the oven.

Strafeh 9

127- Please just stop talking. You killed it

I was taught to always check first. Other people tend to leave a plate or something in there. I think it's common sense to check.

I wonder what the oven looked like afterwards

49 - Oh man, you set yourself up for a massive Grammar Nazi attack.

I certainly hope that's all and the OP didn't get a surprise bunny for Easter.

Guys.. I think the answer was the easter basket was in the oven, but im not entirely sureeee.

AdamBasebal69 0

How do you like your eggs, scrambled or fertilized? ;)

bitch_pleez 10

123, I thumbs downed you for being dumb

^^ Just like how your grammar is...

Poor eggs :P but nice try.. Atleast you were thinking of your mom But seriously the first thing that came to my head when i saw this FML was, my mom telling me to "always check before you preheat!" lol

I wonder what the mom said after seeing that. I know my mom would be pissed and yell at me for hours ahaha

nofearjenshere 12

135- "I thumbs downed you for being dumb"? That's almost as ironic as saying, "Your an idiot."

There is a lot of fail in this comment strand.

RocketNinjaFish 12

This is why you always check first. That is the first thing they teach us in these classes at school. Still, I feel sorry for you. I hope you at least got something else. FYL, OP.

Am i the only one who is wondering what dafuq an easter basket is doin in an oven?

FMLshark 12

Ah, the smell of burnt plastic and marshmallow peeps on Easter morning.

No it was by her bedroom door. Why would someone put an basket in the oven?

robinhood007 9

Right?! That's such a dumb place to put it...

Either me or one of my two sisters always gets it in the oven

It is a good hiding place. Mine was hidden outside in a tub. It's fun to find it silly ppl:)

bkj92 5

Outside in a tub? Why was a tub outside??

bizarre_ftw 21

That's actually a cool idea, my family has never hidden their baskets, we hid eggs with candy in them and do a whole search after our baskets, but we've never searched for our baskets - I'll have to suggest this. Tit for tat - we use different coloured eggs and per each colour there is one shiny one appropriately deemed the "money egg" and there's everything from $2 - $20 dollars in one, then we pick our colours randomly and go searching, how much money you get is in the luck of the draw. (this may potentially work better with at least three searching kids, me I'm an only child but I have nine cousins and they reproduce so the number is well and high, therefore decreasing the issues behind how much money you got as it isn't a black and White winner and loser situation)

^ Thank you for the family tradition break-down.

bizarre_ftw 21

I'm going to go ahead and guess that it was on the roof! Was it on the roof? I knew it!

HopeLoveMusic 0
bizarre_ftw 21

I got such a neurotic ADHD chicken little image when I read this Lol ^_^ I thank you for the Easter laugh

Omg this made me laugh for so long ! Lol

robinhood007 9

That really sucks! I can see something like that happening to me! :) honest mistake, that's a strange place to put an easter basket

It was under your bed, wasn't it?! I'm definitely sure it was under your bed!