By Kamburgler - 02/07/2011 06:33 - United States

Today, this really cute guy at work kept flirting with me and cracking the funniest jokes. Before he left, he told me how much he enjoyed making me smile. An hour later, I saw my reflection in a mirror, I had a huge piece of food stuck in my teeth. FML
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do you have braces? ...coz they are the worst for getting food stuck in... cant even count how many times something like that has happened to me


you made each other smile :)

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he enjoys sea food

at least it wasn't on your face

37, I see what you did there

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42, hopefully not with that face ^^

At least you didn't barf on him.

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at least he wasn't mean about it:)

he probably didn't notice you sheep spleen! and he is flirting with you and you like him, this isn't an fml your just paranoid he gave a shit lol. the worst that could happen is he could notice, you or him remove it, then your back to normal. besides, it adds flavor when you make out, like wearing fruity lip chap.. mmm.. skittles

why the bejeebers was that moderated? *sadface*

47, I sea what you did there ")

I don't get your comment... He's hungry??? How would it make it as him being hungry?? Doesn't make sense, dumb comment. Stop trying to be cute bc it ain't working girl..... :(

Aww sorry op, that's really embarrassing, maybe next time you should go to the bathroom an check yourself after you eat(:

I really do hate these kinds of posts

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me too

too bad both of yours doesn't make it any better, they're unnecessary.

Are any posts considered a necessity?

maybe he thought it was bling bling


Forget gold teeth! Lettuce is where its at! ;)

I'm more of a squished carrot kinda girl

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throw some food on dat bitch!

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And....? He obviously enjoyed you and the conversation. It couldn't have been that huge a deal.

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Oh I read the fml that case, op yeah that's kind of embarrassing. I guess youll check next time.

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damnn y'all hatin

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I was playing

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yea I know... but tbh I meant to write..." that HAS never happened to me" but whatevez

girl can I get yo numba?

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got my phone taken away... look at my profile for my email tho... I think it's on there

you have a problem.

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-hates a bit more-

so it would happen to you since your "just playing" I can't believe you lied to us >:O

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lol Idk why I said that... *facepalm* my badd

Ugh. Just stop already. Go fade in the background, will you?

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OR you could go suck a big one and hop off...k?

you sir have a notisable mustache so.. atleased the guy flirted with her... he wouldnt have been able to notice that your a girl. so just stop

do you have braces? ...coz they are the worst for getting food stuck in... cant even count how many times something like that has happened to me

that's why I always check my teeth and brush them after every meal(: braces suck!

they dooo, when they tighten them it's the worst!

Hey 6, ur pretty cute. ;)

thanks ricky... your pretty cute yourself :P

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the worst part is when your talking to your friends and they decide to tell you all late, like after you talked to a cute guy or something.

ugh I know when I had braces I was so paranoid about that :(

UGH! I used to have braces and it was not fun. It takes like an hour to floss because you have to loop the thread through. :P But it really helped me improve my teeth brushing skills! Unfortunately, I have to wear a retainer at night now that the braces are off and there are tiny wires glued to the back of my teeth for life or else the teeth go back crooked. :( Overall though, I think that having straight teeth is worth all of the food stuck in your braces and the pain we must endure when they are tightened. :)

I dont really see the big deal.

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aww! what a jerk! He should've have told you Well, at least he laughed instead of being grossed out :)

it's call unconditional love

i love how you can bring the work penis into every fml ... your my hero lol