By Kamburgler - United States
Today, this really cute guy at work kept flirting with me and cracking the funniest jokes. Before he left, he told me how much he enjoyed making me smile. An hour later, I saw my reflection in a mirror, I had a huge piece of food stuck in my teeth. FML
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  dolphincheddar  |  10

he probably didn't notice you sheep spleen! and he is flirting with you and you like him, this isn't an fml your just paranoid he gave a shit lol. the worst that could happen is he could notice, you or him remove it, then your back to normal. besides, it adds flavor when you make out, like wearing fruity lip chap.. mmm.. skittles

  nabee26  |  15

I don't get your comment... He's hungry??? How would it make it as him being hungry?? Doesn't make sense, dumb comment. Stop trying to be cute bc it ain't working girl..... :(

By  shybear15  |  0

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  mooshibear140  |  4

UGH! I used to have braces and it was not fun. It takes like an hour to floss because you have to loop the thread through. :P But it really helped me improve my teeth brushing skills! Unfortunately, I have to wear a retainer at night now that the braces are off and there are tiny wires glued to the back of my teeth for life or else the teeth go back crooked. :(

Overall though, I think that having straight teeth is worth all of the food stuck in your braces and the pain we must endure when they are tightened. :)