By SadExperiment - 30/10/2012 00:42 - United States - Claremont

Today, I found out that my girlfriend has secretly been conditioning me to get turned on by the smell of bananas. Guess whose new co-worker peels a nice, fragrant banana five times a day. FML
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Am I the only one wondering how someone goes about conditioning another person to be turned on by the smell of bananas?


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1- Did that just crush your hope of getting with OP?

Girreth 7

Actually, I think it was supposed to be a guess of whose co-worker it is.

OP must find the smell of his coworker's bananas very appeeling.

Just for kicks, he should now condition her to get turned on by the smell of tacos.

The Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell, which they're giving out for free tomorrow :p

Well let's hope OP gets your advice in time. Honestly, this situation reminds me of George, on Seinfeld, when he mixed food with sex. Every time he ate anything, he was turned on.

Knightchaser27 25

64-I think the coworker just eats five bananas a day.

46, yep! My neighbor and I just got back from having our free tacos. They were yummy!

Well aren't you in a slippery situation!

you'd have to be completely bananas to think that was a good pun

Unfortunately 29, the "skin" of the banana is more commonly referred to as the "peel", therefore your pun makes zero sense.

Nevertheless, you knew that by 'skin' I was referring to the peel, so it clearly made sense to you.

70 - Made sense? Perhaps a tad. Funny? Not at all.

Am I the only one wondering how someone goes about conditioning another person to be turned on by the smell of bananas?

Google Pavlov's dog experiment. Same basic concept.

#4 maybe she holds a banana under his nose while he sleeps and rubs his **** a little bit or has sex with him while eating banana candy. it's kinda along the same lines of me hating the smell of old spice.

You hate the smell of old spice cause someone used it to get you off while you slept?

dbss11 3

it's called classical conditioning, and yes you should look up Pavlov's dog experiment it's pretty interesting.

TcheQ 12

I was thinking she wore banana scented perfume whenever she wants to seduce him.

4, I was wondering that too. Why bananas out everything she could choose from? And why is the girlfriend conditioning her boyfriend without asking for his consent first? What else is his girlfriend secretly doing to him? So many questions yet I might never get answers lol.

CharresBarkrey 15

26 - asking his permission would completely ruin her "experiment"

If they worked and my gf was secretly slipping little blue pills into my food, I'm not sure I would complain... Assuming she would help me out with it.

madskittlesftw 5

Or for more entertainment you can go watch the episode of "The Office" where Jim trains Dwight with mints. (Same basic concept right?)

lollovelife0304 3

basically she involves bananas while in foreplay, or in other sexual moments. or teases him while eating a banana. so subconciously now whenever he sees a banana he thinks of his gf and gets turned on. my bf is the same but with apples. lol.

saderboi41 10

Classical conditioning. Quite interesting and easy if you know what you're doing.

fucking_dev 2

I'm guessing she makes him smell bananas before they have sex or he gets head .. only logical way to condition a man for that .

Easy, do a joke about a banana when you want sex, keep doing it for fun again and again until you get results. Kind of disturbing that I know this.

You introduce the fragrance when arousing the person... the same way you teach a dog that a bell means food.... searchPavlovs dogs...

ImYoursAlways 3

So is she training you to be a monkey boyfriend or what.

How the hell did she manage to do that?!

CharresBarkrey 15

Ever heard of Pavlov? Google his name and you'll find some very interesting experiments.

Well, every time she peels a banana, they subsequently do it, so eventually your subconscious mind associates bananas with getting it on, which thus results in being aroused at inopportune moments.

After a while it should wear off, I think.

murphdarkly 13

It's hard to break a Pavlovian response.

jpoole 4

Slap that hoe with a carrot!!!

then000bster 16

Rofl. That'd be a weird conditioning.... But then so is a banana.

Make her flinch every time she sees a carrot.

"Is that a banana you're peeling or am I just happy to see you?"

I'm really curious about how she managed to do that.. And how long it took

Having sex when there are bananas around, for instance. An 'active' condition takes about 7 times, I think, but this might take slightly longer.