By CutestBoysEver - 30/10/2012 01:30 - United States - Fruita

Today, I went to the hospital in labor expecting a baby boy. I ended the day with identical twins, a baffled doctor, and a husband convinced that our sons can clone themselves. FML
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doctor! you're doing it wrong!

Doctor's error? But either way... Congratulations !!! :)


doctor! you're doing it wrong!

Yes, the doctor made a mistake but this error is actually quite common. I don't know why it is but it is. And the dad is probably in shock because he was expecting only one baby, not two. Most importantly, congrats to the mom and dad!

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Wouldn't that be "you're taking this site too serious, aren't you"?

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Unless you get twins where one's black and the other is white.

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68, it would actually be "You're taking this site too seriously." Seriously would be the adverb modifying the verb. If you're going to correct someone, at the very least, make sure you're doing it right.

45, if me giving an explanation, of why the dad said what he said, means I'm taking this site too seriously, according to you, why does it bother you? Are you honestly that bored? No one agreed with your comment but people managed to agree with me.

Its pathetic how people attack others on this site for minor grammatical errors. its not that big of a deal. if dey wuz talkin lyk dis then i could see it. but you knew what they meant.

You don't eat what you cook for family and friends? I would stay away from you if we're any of them. No telling what you shooting out in the desert and cooking. Or should I also say who?

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123, what on Earth did I just read?

127 he's talking about 115's profile description... Lol it took me awhile to figure it out

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boys! That must've been a stressing day. Hope it all turns out for the best!

He doesn't control the number of kids, he made an error

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Yes, she married that guy, who are you to judge?

Plus, according to the user name, both babies came out as the " CutestBoysEver." Give the husband a break, he's probably still in shock.

In the husband's defence, identical twins are technically speaking, clones, as they are 100% genetically identical. So the fellow isn't entirely wrong: though the actual "cloning" part will have occurred when they were still an adorable bundle of undifferentiated stem cells :)

Yes, she is married to this guy.. Hence why he is her husband.

Doctor's error? But either way... Congratulations !!! :)

Yeah, Congratulations! I am a twin myself and my parents always said we were super cute to play with is babies/toddlers...make sure you can tell them apart though at all times! :D

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Don't you guys just love nature.

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Go advertise yourself somewhere else. "Arrested for it" I'm sure.

How many ultrasounds did you have? My doc checks the heartbeat everytime I have a check up. If he did that, wouldn't he notice 2 heartbeats? (Judging by your username, you seem to be handling this rather unexpected surprise well :)

MsMourningStar 22

Sometimes twins' hearts will beat at the same time making it I'm possible for the doctor to notice any difference. Especially if the babies are laying next to each other in almost the same position or convincingly enough that there is only one baby.

But what about ultrasounds? Generally, you need just one to check the gender and if everything is looking good. I'm guessing OP had just one and the twin was somehow missed. I'm no doctor so this is just a guess.

MsMourningStar 22

That's basically what I just said lol

D'oh! I read your comment too fast. :P My apologies.

MsMourningStar 22

It's okay! Lol

I have twins, and during my first ultra sound the doctor barely found the second baby. The ultrasound had been going on for about an hour and she had searched every inch of my stomach making sure everything looked ok. Then, at the last second she flicked across something and went OMG, there's two! And mine are fraternal and were in their own sacs and everything. With identical, they could have shared a placenta and been right on top of each other making it hard to distinguish both of them. I bet it is actually fairly common for doctors to miss!

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Bhahahaha brilliant:)

MsMourningStar 22

Doctor Who reference. Love it.

You should become one just so you can!! Lol

#110 Dang ya beat me to the Doctor Who reference :p

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You abviously understood me you Cunt..!

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I'm pretty sure the husband was not being serious. And it sounds like the OP just wanted to share the amusing story, rather than actually thinking her life sucked. Though I'm sure that unexpected surprise will come with some difficulties.

Give the husband a break he is probably very tired and just got a very big surprise. I am sure he now knows what he said is stupid.

I thought the same thing as 24. That it was a joke! And the fml was more about the fact that she, unexpectedly, has two babies all of a sudden, not that her husband is really that stupid and truly believes their baby can clone itself


Congrats for unexpected twins! The more the merrier (:

oj101 33

not for long... double trouble they say. But congrats OP :)

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Double the trouble but double the love, kisses and FUN!!!!!!! I love having twins myself

Congratulations!! And I love your husbands logic :P Plus what boys wouldn't love to hear stories of how they had superpowers and cloned themselves! :D

They'd probably argue over who's the original.