By Anonymous - 18/03/2014 21:31 - United States - Arlington

Today, a coworker filed a complaint against me, all because I ate a banana at lunch, which he claimed is "threateningly sexual", whatever the hell that means. FML
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File a complaint against him for being "unreasonably stupid".


HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Well can you blame him!? Some of the bananas I see in the supermarket nowadays are definitely not of 'average' size.

This works...cause you're the black guy right? Lol

incoherentrmblr 21

I wonder how Red Foreman would react to this?...

Well this works, because you're the black guy right? Lol

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Djmaxn 13

Maybe it was OP's best friend playing a prank on him. ....Probably not though.

File a complaint against him for being threateningly stupid.

Really? Are you sure? Silly me, I thought that it was completely normal.

yeah, that's kind of the point of this website

Same, I'd love to have my d*** bit off into pieces and then digested.

yes he obviously wanted his dick bit off

I think he was afraid of /being/ the banana. "Threateningly sexual"? Did you hold eye contact whilst you ate the banana, OP? Chew vigorously as you stared him down? Slip him a note that says "this will be you" alongside a picture of you eating said banana? Next time, eat a hot dog and see what happens.

You never know man. People are into some weird and kinky things.


Embyr 8

And then flushed down a toilet.

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File a complaint against him for being "unreasonably stupid".

Haha wow for some reason that made me laugh so hard

Not sure if that is a viable solution, which makes me sad.

KVKdragon 26

I really and truly wish the law will allow lawsuits like that in the future. Might start a decline on public stupidity that is used to negatively affect other people

Yea. What did she expect after licking up and down the banana continously. Have some decency OP

larrena2377 26

Next time try to make it look sexual..they'll really freak out then.

OP is a male... ...the mental picture of this is really cracking me up!

My mate does that a lot. Man it's really funny to watch XD

and you better not forget the whipped cream

probably cause you didn't eat the banana without licking all over it like you are giving a bj. its obviously the only possible way to eat a banana in front of a male.

that is pretty much how you should eat it yeah XD

#7 - Yeah, even if you are a male as well like in OP's case haha

staychill 16

Im sure everyone knows the complain was b.s. And it wont hurt you

Next time, show up to work with the banana wrapped in a condom and say that it's only a wrapper. That should give the idot something to talk about.

jazzy_123 20

it helps keep the banana fresh

#109 - Bananas DO have latex in them so I guess you could consider wrapping a banana in some extra latex if you wish to keep it fresh!