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at least they haven't fired you yet for your blatant stupidity


Obviously not important if you didn't notice after a year

How exactly did you manage to spell "McDonalds" wrong?

You sir, are a genius :)

#13, you did.

That's not spelling; that's punctuation.

Will you use chemicals or a rope to end your shame?

Anybody else notice that OP's name is "nobodyreadsmyemails"?

That's not really Fuck My Life material, though. It just makes it look like you weren't paying attention. Hardly even noteworthy.

Unless it is something easy like "The Company"

You mean thee cum penny? Retard.

Whats with all these new types of pennies??? I prefer the good ol' days when there were 2 types, the money kind, and the whore kind. And one could purchase the other

now you know why you'll never get promoted, dumbass.

You're a dumbass.

at least they haven't fired you yet for your blatant stupidity

failure. you just realized?

Annddd....That's why you suck.

I would fire any employee that not only has been spelling my companies name incorrectly,but didn't notice for a year...My God,I hope your companies name wasn't your bosses name,followed by something like.'goods'. Signed,Sma's Goods....No wait...That's how you spell Sam....Right?

Or Dick Indabugg? Actually, he might like being called Dick Indabutt, who knows?

At least he puts a space after punctuation marks, #11.

wooooooooooow ur stupid

Lmao this made my day.. Someone deserves a raise XD