By btg - 06/02/2010 06:27 - United States

Today, I found out that my girlfriend feeds her boogers to our dog. Sometimes she even makes her do tricks for them. FML
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Did you sit and wait to tell people your first? Jackass.

WorkThatButt 2

Ohmar I hate you you fucking piece of gassy ugly ass you stupid motherfucking piece of shit backdoor faggot asshole ugly fucking stupid ass monster I hate you and no one likes you.

Crush89 0

Is your girlfriend 11 or 12 years old?


I think its funny when people say first. And if it bothers you so much that you have to comment on it you are a loser and get a life seriously.

ik this is gross. there is a girl in my grade that eats her own boogers. shes in 8th grade. ew!

CleanSheets 0

WorkThatButt... I don't think all of that was called for o_o

Danielt104 6

Lmao he said 1sf who cares

this Fml is more for your dog for eating boogers

DaleksAreEpic 0

Wow, number 27. 16 different insults in one sentence. I think you've set a new record.

reminds me of o e if my exs. she was 16 would pick her nose rub the boogers on the wall n blame her 5 year old sister. she also ate with her hands no matter how many times I gave her spoons or forks. if ur gf is short n a lil chunky RUN OP GET THE DOG ON HER


that is just NASTY--I would dump the skank

pgcheerleader 1

ur gf is effing gross dude!!!!!

HeresReality 0

uh, not an fml?

that fuckin disgusting she's probably the onlygirl u can get and she's probably ugly as shit

Newbie21 1

why do some people care so damn much if others announce if they are 1st? maybe that makes there day......

mekarski1008 0

Girlfriend: 'Come on boy! Sit! Sit! There ya' go! *pick nose* Here you are!!' Dog: 'Idk wtf this is, but I like it!' OP: 'WTF?? Dog eat sh*t, not snot'

lmfao there's a use for errthang

kieran247 0

that was on a show

bryttkneee 0

what's the matter, jealous? no worries, there are enough bats in the cave for you and fido/rover/lassie.

is your dogs name booger by chance ?

fail at being being funny and at life

connorpwns93 0

failed atempt at being funny

Guuurlplease 0

More of the dog's Fml

f your dogs life

nadsm 0


Agree with #2.

Agree with #5.

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Agree with #44

Agree with #60

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Agree with #82

Agree with #85

agree with #94 :D

hahaha agree with #94

Agree with #99

agree with #108 lol!

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agree with #110

agree with #110

Agree with #117

agree with #118

Agree with #119

agree with 121 :9

totally agree with 128...

#129 is completely right.

c-c-c-combo breaker :D

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agree with #2, 5, 44, 60, 82, 85, 94, 97, 99, 108, 110, 116, 117, 118,119, 121, 128, 133, but not 135 (:

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I'm a lesbian in a pig's body

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I agree with 158

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agreed with #169 lol

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That's friggin' hilarious!

I agree with #6.

NASTY! dump that bitch!! find yourself a girl who keeps her fingers out of her nose..

Well how else are you supposed to keep your nose clean?

toeknee33 0

dmn your gf is a freak.. wat if she tried to feed you boogers during sex?

"Let's try something new." O_o

Oh my god that's gross. If that dog has a stomachs upset, you know who to go after.

toeknee33 0

boogers are suppose to be good for dogs tho