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Today, I watched in horror from the other room as my boyfriend picked the biggest, slimiest booger I've ever seen, then lowered it into his mouth, and licked his finger clean. I very nearly threw up. FML
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Does he work at Booger King? I'm sorry for making a joke, it snot funny.

I would feel sick too if I were you... The bastard did not even offer to share! How selfish is that!


ninjamadi 16

"All men do it"-Kristoff ok but seriously that is disgusting!!!! I can't handle snot so I would of thrown up. you need to have a serious talk with him.

As a non-native English speaker I have a question, why do people mess up the would have? I've been seeing it a lot recently

sylvienoir 18

The contraction for it is "would've" which, when said out loud, sounds kind of like "would of".

Oy naah, this guy is a full on boundaryless animal. Words wont reach him. The primal instincts have taken over.

if all men u know do it then i feel pity for u. Else u do not know much about men..

Love the frozen reference. Anyways disgusting, yes. Healthy, inconclusive only theories that it helps immune system by introducing bacteria and viruses in a near dead state. Either way I still find it disgusting and should talk to him about it

You know everyone has mucus in their mouth, right?

ninjamadi 16

#27 I'm also from the South, so we type and speak a little differently.

In the south it's still would've, which is still a contraction for would have. It's pronounced the same and spelled the same everywhere you go.

I'm from the south as well, and I do not talk like a uneducated idiot.

that reminds me of when I was a kid my cousins used to stay over and I watched one of them pick a huge juicy booger that was like the size of her palm then let the dog eat it....*shudders inwardly*

amileah13 26

I've never understood what is so fascinating about eating a booger. Seriously, that's gross.

It's actually a really hard habit to break. Also, since mucus traps harmful bacteria and minor viruses it helps with the immune system.. So there's a plus side..

No no. Do not try to find a plus side on consuming a booger. Just no.

Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it, hombre.

Immune system help partly a habit, but partly the salt if you like salty tastes Sounds gross, but it's not your body. On the flip side, if you still can't break the habit, do it only in absolute private so you won't be judged and others won't be grossed out.

There is no benefit to your immune system. People have made this up because they want to excuse their disgusting habit. Snot & mucous goes down the nose and back of the throat all the time, so we always ingest mucous and snot. So picking a booger & eating it does not increase your immune system more than the snot & mucous that is already being ingested. Good try though booger eaters. *gag*

Not a plus side, but whenever I'm sick and congested my snot just kinda leaks into my throat anyway. Gross and annoying, but at least it's sort of a natural thing...

vintageart1994 16

That's what I'm saying 84. It's already going down our throat all the time. So if there is a boost in the immune system, eating a few boogers will not increase your immune system any more than all the snot and mucous that is already being ingested. If there's any immune boost its from the snot & mucous already going down our throats. And yes, even though snot & mucous is already being ingested, that is involuntary and not touching our tastebuds. Booger eating is voluntary and touches your tastebuds which is probably why it grosses people out.

Time to sit him down and discuss hygiene and just like in general. So disgusting (wiggles nose)

If I were you, ALL the kissing would stop

Does he work at Booger King? I'm sorry for making a joke, it snot funny.

I knew a guy in high school who proudly ate his boogers, because "they are healthy" he would eat them in class, and didn't care who saw. It was absolutely disgusting!

my friend said he liked the black ones because they were "crunchy"

#20 I don't know what's worse the fact your friend eats "black boogers" or the fact you are actually sharing that with people. That's disgusting

which one was it? I knew alot at our school.

Might want to sanitize the doorknobs and sit down and have a lovely chat with him. Yikes! *cringes*

Pharris 5

My husband does that but not as noticeably. He says every guy does it even if it's not around other people lol. Still gross though

I'm a guy and I've never done it, just the thought repulsed me.

@10: One guy can not speak on behalf of every single guy in the world.

Every guy certainly does not do it. It's a disgusting habit and just the thought of it makes me shudder.

Since we live in a highly offendable culture Im going to take this chance to say that is sexist stereotyping..