By jeesh - 31/01/2009 11:48 - United States

Today, my girlfriend caught me picking my nose and eating the booger. FML
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crazycar 0

This is ******* hilarious. You're all cracking me up.

i don't get it, your nose is trying to get boogers out of your system, then you put them right back in?? that's almost like.. well let's just end it there.


there is nothing wrong with eating nose wax

yotsu 14

My fiance and I both do it. It's not that bad, really. It helps make your immune system stronger. Yes I'm a chick that admits to eating boogers. We exist.

joshhhh14 4

Why do people do that? It literally makes me gag.

Nederlander95 14
crazycar 0

This is ******* hilarious. You're all cracking me up.

gotta agree with #12 crazycar all the way

wicked_fml 0

i don't care if someone picks their nose, i do. my ex used to eat hers. i usually wipe it somewhere where it won't be seen if i don't have a tissue. like under a table or under the edge of the couch. but eating it? *shudder*

Uhmmm. My ex did that... His name was Josh. Hmm...very similar to the author's nickname 'jeesh.'

Late_night83 25

Well. Ummm. It looks like he said his girlfriend, not his ex girlfriend caught him. Unless u broke it off because ur a beeoch.

I still do that all the time XD!!! And occasionally I chase my GF around with them, yeh I am a goof =P

TheCurlyTheory 0

If I was your girlfriend I'd dump your ass and get a restraining order.

Neecha101 0

17 thats really gross. and have you ever heard of a tissue?

Shownis182 0

Man ew , yes people pick their nose , but don't eat it thats disgusting .