By Uriah - United States
Today, I was chatting with an amazing guy online. He was perfect for me. After five hours he told me he loved me and I said it back. So than we decided to trade nudes. I sent mine. Within two seconds my niece calls, laughing her ass off, telling me how weird my birthmark is. FML
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By  riii  |  0

Uhh, you fell in love with someone over the internet in 5 hours? Thats pretty sad. You should also know that not everyone you talk to online is legit. You deserved that one.


I'm not even going to mention that you said you "fell in love" after five hours. You decided you were going to send him your nudes? Let me just say that you probably lucked out on some child molester whose nudes you probably would not want to be seeing. You also sound like someone under 18...what with your maturity and all. Taking pictures of minors (even if you're taking a picture of yourself) is pornography and illegal. And even if it weren't, you're an idiot for doing it and I feel no sympathy for you. No wonder Disney kids think they can get away with the same.


Oh wow. Reread it. You're an even bigger idiot than I had made you out to be. You fell in love with your niece! EPIC! On top of that, you didn't even recognize her phone number. So wow, you're an adult?

What I find funny about this

1. You're embarrassed that your niece saw it but are comfortable sending it to a stranger
2. You don't realize that sending it to a stranger probably means that plenty of other strangers will also see it on the way to your niece anyway...but you got lucky
3. You "fell in love" with your niece
4. She actually talked to you for 5 hours just to convince you that she was in love with you
5. The FML you see is that you sent nudes to your niece.

You're just a different kind of stupid.

  MrGlad  |  0

Consider yourself lucky, what would you do if it wasn't your neice, but a coworker? How about an actual rapist who decided he liked your body? You didn't even know this "guy" and sent him nudes...

  swooshq  |  0

Pssshh, she "was in love" and you know, since "he" was an "ammmaazing guy" made PERFECT sense to send those pics. Sarcasm. But seriously, OP, if you send nude pics to anyone especially someone you don't know, 1, they'll probably get around and a good amound of people will see them and 2, like #116 said you don't know who it was, it could've been much worse.
So uh, yeah don't send nudes to random people on the internet...f---ing crazy people here..YDI

  humorizer  |  14

Wow, I've heard rumors about how easy my fellow American women (well, I'm a guy, but you know what I mean) are, but I didn't know it was *THIS* easy to get em hooked! WOW! LOL.

Also, FYL for having a gay niece.

Edit: And an incestuous one at that.


Sigh. What site were u chatting on for this "guy" not to have a profile pic? Many things wrong with your story that I'll ignore and just say, you don't tell ur family members your screenname. And nude pics? Were y'all cybering??

  XXnidocivXX  |  0

hey im under 18 and i'm not that stupid.. first, no one online is perfect, taht's creepy, you dont know them.. secondly. you cant fall in love after 5 hours.. third never send your nudes online.. thats not cool.. and yeah your neice is chill lol

  Dante167  |  0

Haha someone sounds desperate.

OP: You deserve it for "falling in love" with a random guy in only 5 hours and sending nudes.
P.S. You're an idiot.

  robinhoood  |  0

You're an idiot. It's not coincidence that it was her niece, you douche. Her niece probably made a fake IM and played a prank on her. I'd say you're almost as dumb as OP.

  DeafChef  |  0

so many things wrong with this post.
let's see:

1. You went on an online dating service. Desperate.
2. You talked to someone you don't know, ONLINE, for five hours straight, I'd imagine.
3. You told "him" you loved him. AFTER FIVE HOURS.
4. YOU SENT NUDES TO "HIM". Okay, here's the big one. Let's separate this into sub-sections.
a. Sending Nudes is stupid all together.
b. It's illegal, (I'd imagine you're under 18, due to the previous sections, 1., 2., 3., and 4.,)
c. You met this "guy" online.
e. Does being in love mean you get to seen someone nude? I just don't get this part. I told my boyfriend of 3 years I loved him AGES before we ever had sex.
5. You sent them to your niece, which is stupid of you for not recognizing her email, phone number, website address, etc. Regardless, it is hilarious, but only because you're probably the stupidest person I have ever seen in my entire life.



It just whent online xD

I hate fucking sluts who think they are in love in like a week of meeting a new guy.

  VasNormandy  |  14

It's in poor taste to throw around the word slut. Considering most women who call another one a slut is usually guilty of the same thing. She wasn't being a slut. If anything she is guilty of being gullible and inexperienced, which is something every person has been guilty of at one point or another.

Sorry OP that you fell prey to a shitty joke at your expense. I suggest you be more emotionally aware and attentive to what you are doing. The Internet is obviously not always a fun and forgiving place.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

YDI OP, what the hell kind of person says I love you to a internet stranger within 5 hours and sends nude photos before a so gle face shot or even a small confirmation that you're not talking to some scammer??

By  riii  |  0

Uhh, you fell in love with someone over the internet in 5 hours? Thats pretty sad. You should also know that not everyone you talk to online is legit. You deserved that one.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

Hey, there is nothing wrong with meeting new people on the internet I can't meet new people in real life because of my illness the internet is the only place I can meet new friends.

what is wrong with OP's choice is the timeline because falling in love in 5 hours is impossible without ever meeting the person outside of the internet.

  heyyou1203  |  0

seriously. meeting people online is fine, but most people don't even fall in love in person within 5 hours! also, don't you think it'd be more appropriate for him to send a clothed picture of you first? Do you show up to live dates naked?


33- you just made my day "do you show up to live dates naked?" by the sound of it the OP hasn't gone on a live date in quite some time

to the OP: the only reason anyone would ever say FYL is because YDI so much it's almost painful to read. Not only are you so desperate that you chatted online for 5 hours with a total stranger, but you are also stupid enough to send naked photos of yourself to him after confessing your love. Did you realize that most couples date for months, even years before they are ready to honestly say "I love you" to each other? If I had never seen a loser like you in real life I would have thought this was fake, but unfortunately this is what our internet-centered world has come to. The internet could help you find your soul mate I guess but first you'd have to meet them and have a real date like the rest of us normal people before you even begin to feel anything close to love.
So basically YDI for being a dumbass in general. Really, the average 10 year old has more internet savvy than you- and I'm willing to bet your niece is around that age.

  tomasito_fml  |  0

62, thank you very much for that.

My friend (age 17, unsurprisingly) just told his girlfriend of 2 days, whom he's seen in person three times, that he loves her. Frustrating.

  SammyS2012  |  21

Hey, to be fair, he could love his girlfriend (to the poster with the friend who declared his love after two days). With my boyfriend and me, we both loved each other for about a year before dating (we were in high school then). Two days after we began dating, he blurted it out accidentally.

It was such an awkward moment, but now we laugh about it and it's been almost three years now.

However, it may be extremely hard to love someone after only knowing them for five hours without seeing them and knowing if they were legit.

  DenBriZel  |  31

What's frustrating is when someone has a boyfriend, "loves" them and everything is perfect. Then one day they break up and suddenly they've "always hated" them.
Then literally the next day they already have a new boyfriend who they start posting about, saying they love them and "now found the perfect guy". And it's a constant repeating pathetic cycle.