By Karie-Rose - 06/02/2010 06:28 - United States

Today, as I was working at my babysitting job, I was watching a 3.5 year old girl. She begged and begged me to come in the jacuzzi with her, and when I put on my 2-piece bathing suit on, the young girl asked me why my stomach looked like a bagel. I looked down just to realize she was right. FML
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Oh boy wait for it . Here comes the fat joke comments .

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Should a child that young even be in a hot tub?


I know why she said 3.5. Cuz three and a half years old is too long to type for OP.

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I guess the old saying IS true... you are what you eat...

why would a 3 yr old be in a jacuZzi alone?

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Maybe she'll never need an inner tube again!

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yo douche she didn't say suite she said suit

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It originally said "suite" and they eventually fixed it.

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I honestly asked my gf what a muumuu was cause I thought it was a cute way of saying cow suit

Uh, lose weight? Not an FML, a great realization before you become obese.

Oh boy wait for it . Here comes the fat joke comments .

LOL URFAT!!!1!1! ^^ I expect to see a few of those.

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Instead of getting a spare tire all the way around the waist, sometimes women get this pooch of fat that congregates right around their belly button. It does look like a donut or a bagel, but is not nearly as taste-tempting. HTH