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Today, my driver's-side door was so frozen that the locking mechanism wouldn't move. My passenger-side door's lock worked, but the door itself wouldn't budge. The door handle on the other hand, budged quite well. It budged right off its hinges. FML
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  \  |  28

The US and European meanings of the word "torch" are literally worlds apart.

By  eternal_malaise  |  10

If your vehicle has a rear door or hatchback, try entering that way because they are less likely to freeze shut. Then you can push open the front doors which is much easier than trying to pull them open.

  HisHarleyQuinn  |  14

I'm not sure what kind of vehicle you drive, but my hatchback freezes shut quite frequently. When the water drips down to where the door meets the bumper and freezes, it's nearly impossible to open. Much more difficult than the doors. And my car is 27 years old. And yes, I've broken a frozen door handle.

By  MLPcuzYOLO  |  5

Gosh, you must have some super strength!

You ought to stay at home, sew a fabulous superhero costume, and then go out and help citizens in need with your super power.

Or maybe drink some hot chocolate...with marshmallows! Yummy!