By daragnan - 10/01/2010 21:47 - United States

Today, I found out that last summer while my girlfriend worked on a Disney Cruise ship, she cheated on me with Tarzan. FML
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Tarzan has that whole half man half monkey look going on many girls like. It was inevitable.


Wow no more Disney movies for you. ____________________________

Well, this kinda reminds me of the dude from hangover. Dude 1: She cheated on him with mickey! Dude 2: Mickey!? Op: It was tarzan goddamnit, tarzan!

no she cheated on him with a bartender thats why he says she ****** a bartender it doesnt say mickey in the movie

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lol @ #69 @ #77 Most people would guess and know that he's making it so that it goes w/ the OPs FML and you can figure that out w/out even having seen the movie... @ O.P. sorry bout your luck but Tarzan does get All the Janes ;)

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ur cute wanna be penetrated by ten inches

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hannahbabe your hot ever been penetrated with ten inches cid:169B8251-E0EA-4419-AFD5-6C8F52882F8B

wow Disney wins again on the brainwashing front....... damn you zac efron......

Wow, this is getting awkward... Let's tone it back a bit shall we?

Tarzan has that whole half man half monkey look going on many girls like. It was inevitable.

 hahah.     i guess he's just wilder than you 

shes a ***** you dont deserve her! besides maybe you could hook up with a jane you never know!

Agreed! It's like loyalty is a thing of the past

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Looks like Jane likes to swing on Tarzan's vine. It coulda been worse, she could have hooked up with The Beast. It's not just the head you see that is enormous and misshapen. He would have completely deformed your girlfriend's cooch. Why do you think Beauty hangs out with him?

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she deserves to have her cooch deformed!

I'm sorry, but "cooch" just made me spill my tea on myself.

Lots of women use a Tarzan, or so I heard...