By magoo16 - 21/02/2011 17:48 - Canada

Today, I was babysitting a little girl. We were colouring, and she told me she wanted to draw a picture of me. After she was done, she showed me the picture. I'm drawn as a fat cow. The worst part is, the picture actually looks kinda like me. FML
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magoo16 tells us more.

I wrote this FML and... I'm not fat actually, she drew a cow and put a human head on it that actually looked like me. It wasn't the cow part but the head part that looked like me, and she only drew me as a cow because she calls me "Morgy Moo Moo". So no it's not my fault and i shouldn't "Go on a diet" and no i do not have low self-esteem. I just thought it was pretty funny she drew me as a cow! :)

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hang it on the fridge :3

Cue the "fatty" comments.


hang it on the fridge :3

Yeah, hang it up there, ya fat cow!! Moooo for me while you're at it, too.

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yeah... a reminder of what a cow you're being and how fat you'll get when you visit the fridge for the tenth time of the day.

do you enjoying looking like a cow?

WTF is on your face 47 O.o

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she is like those people from avatar but pink instead :O !!


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moooooo :)

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Dammit, now I want some chocolate milk.

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Very blunt, but very true haha

im sure OP doesnt look like a fat cow as i have never seen a human being with cow- like features. stop being so nasty, imagine you hated yourself?

Guess you should work on a dairy farm?

your morbidly obese mother. and op shall tag along with her.

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First! Maybe shes a true artist. Picasso has nothing on her.

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Lmfao. #4... Yeah. Obviously you're not first. Wow. Just. Wow.

low self esteem?

Cue the "fatty" comments.

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BADUMMM-CHI [drum noise!]

Cue the "fatty" comments.

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Be happy. It's better than being drawn as a fat cock.

I was once drawn is a fat cock.... not very pleasant. :(

I, on the other hand, don't mind the best of me emphasized in art.

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^^eww urs is FAT? 0____o

I'd love to be drawn as a fat cock. Nothing better than a big ol' fat cock.