By nomoresbfun - 22/02/2010 06:31 - United States

Today, I found out that my most amazing spring break ever, will be spent stuck on a ship with my ex. It's been almost two years, and he still isn't over me. Yay. This cruise shall be fun. FML
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namhowell 6

So what? This FML sucks ass! Just because he isn't over you doesn't mean he will stop you from doing your own thing, get over yourself!

You could always take him around the cruise for some "sight seeing" and just you know...push him over the railing? You can conceal the screams by breaking into a song.


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no it makes you retarded.

haha wow sounds fun good luck!

Melkezidech 0

Perhaps he just wants to "swab the poop deck" with his "first mate"?

@#2 #1 is the best. i love #1 for being #1 aha stop hating on #1s!

Regardless of what you think, #1, announcing your place, makes you look stupid.

cucuto89 0

I'm going on a cruise, but I can still find a way to bitch about it. wahhh

No posing with your shirt off making gang signs with a face that looks like you're taking a shit makes you look stupid.

#27 rocks for telling the truth. the fire king is ugly as hell.

funnyman..., ur sooo funny! ;)

Actually a peace sign had no gang affiliation last time I checked. -_- And fire_king? Easy on the comma's.

#12 soo right.. and OP.. I suggestthat u make him extremely jealous just for fun, but when he trys to talk to u, ignore him!

iSwag 0

i'm willing to bet if that guy treats her like she isn't even on the cruise and flirts with other girls (especially prettier ones) she'll want him back

MQ, easy on the apostrophe's.

LMFAO #27. Win.

38, that is not a peace sign...if you look you'll see he's holding it backwards like every other jagoff that wants to look cool. The flipside of peace is war.

Wasn't there a FML similar to this one already??? 

Free_Hugs10 0

#50, you are SO right!

FireNinja 3

no. that makes you a noob. to post 1.

I think you should invite back to your room and when he arrives be drunk and banging a total stranger. He will then proceed to throw himself overboard... Problem solved

Reyo 2

The fact that you said "he still isn't over me" and anticipated that the cruise would suck...tells me that you're not over the breakup yourself.

expen_dable 0

#78, that makes no sense. Saying "he still isn't over me" means she isn't over him? Can you give everyone the specific way to say "he isn't over me" so that it doesn't have some crazy hidden meaning that actually says "I'm not over him!"? Believe it or not, it is possible to have ex's that aren't over you, when you are completely over them...

marine10_fml 0

number one nobody cares

@fudrick: commas* -_- And in regards to the backward peace sign thing at #57: When done backwards in Europe it is equivalent to the middle finger however for most people in North America it's just a peace sign. Churchill used it (w/ the palm facing outward though) as a way to show victory (V= victory) and we all know about its over usage in places in Asia like Japan. Your call.

you are pretty awesome!

Thanks for all the support lol!!!! #11 is awesome... It's cool to be on FML right when they put up the new posts! Nobody's trying to piss people off by saying something about being first. It's fun!!! If you just want to bitch all the time then go join a forum or congress or something HAHA. I love all you FMLers! Even the grump ass, boring ones. Cheers!!!

probably had nuttin better to do but take a picture of himself with his shirt off taking a dump


no one but you cares

Reyo 2

#81: Well for one thing, if she really was over him, she wouldn't give a crap about the fact that he's on the cruise. If she truely was over him, but he wasn't over her, then she'd call him her clingy ex-boyfriend.

ydi for saying 'shall' ! :D

peacefullly 0

lol #18. OP just wants to feel sorry for themselves. selfconceded much??

tokintot07 0


Malinkrot 3

If you've ever had an obsessive ex, you WOULD care if you had to be on a cruise with them or do something else with them. I have a horrible ex boyfriend who I really wish to never see again and I will go out of my way to avoid being around him if I have to. That doesn't mean I am "not over him."

I just wanted to hate on #1, but I started up a convo on hand gestures.. -_-' but yeah, I will change my photo..

Obviously I was mocking you, but I guess that was a bit too hard for you to understand.

dreamer15 0

well at least he loves you

Hanban 0

And that shall start his endless rampage on breaking into her cabin.

inconvienentgurl 0

She never said he loved her...just that he isn't over her. Then again who knows maybe its the O.P. whose not over the guy and she lied? @ O.P. NO ONE said that you had to spend your time around him, if its a big ship (even small) you can find things to do that will have nothing to do with your ex. Don't down your whole trip because of one guy.

dreamer15 0

well if it's been a couple of years and he's still not over her it's quite likely he does love her

Dreamer15, is just another typical dumb 15 year old who cant tell the difference between LOVE and Obsession.

nobody wants that,man overboard!

You could always take him around the cruise for some "sight seeing" and just you know...push him over the railing? You can conceal the screams by breaking into a song.

lol, I dunno why, but that reminded me of this " you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness" "That's the sound of people drowning, Carl" "That, is what forgiveness sounds like! Screaming, and then silence" Anyways, carry on!

oh, and of course "You were headbutting children off the side of the ship!" "Ahh, that must have been horrifying to watch."

I'm afraid I'm now in love with you for quoting something so unequivocally awesome; deal with it. Ahh, Carl, you crazy Llama, you...

IamMe95 5

Yah... Just a little shove won't hurt no one...

namhowell 6

So what? This FML sucks ass! Just because he isn't over you doesn't mean he will stop you from doing your own thing, get over yourself!

agreed. get your head out of your ass, you sound like a self-absorbed cow

Pretty well summed up. Oh noes ! I am going to have to share breathing space with an ex who still has the hots for me ! the horror ! Ffs...

I'd have to agree with #15. Has he been stalking you or something? If not, you may be over-reacting.

Avoid him? :D Also, learn to use commas >.>

Olympian94 0

Lmao, if you're on spring break without a bf, you might as well give him a shot

or you can just not go...

Heez not over you because,apparently, you give awesome "Mouth Hugs"!!