By gRRRrr - 01/04/2011 17:35 - United States

Today, I was dumped by my boyfriend. We're currently sharing a room on a cruise ship. FML
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Your boyfriend sure has incredible timing. Throw the douchelord overboard!

Step 1) Go to the bar and get a drink Step 2) Go to the buffet Step 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 You're welcome.


LunaNstars 0

no, I think this could actually be serious

plenty of fish in the sea. and your on a cruise. so go get a barracuda and bring it back to the room.

Yeah you guys can pick someone up and start a moan war.:P

Forget the barracuda go get yourself a SPERM WHALE ...yes sir...

you must be pretty annoying so he couldn't wait to dump u after the trip

ya. it'll suck even more when boyfriend gets tossed off the boat in the middle of nowhere.

puppy , we can have fun together :D *throws stick and puppy fetches* yay puppy :D

21, has anyone ever told you how much Cameron Diaz? Does anyone else see it?

soldier4life_88 0

I definitely see the resemblance!!!

really? I usually get that I look more like ke$ha than anyone else.

I could see that with Ke$ha and resembling her a little bit, But you just look a lot like Cameron... Which is a good thing!

wow sorry I clicked your first message and there were no replies yet it put it in and it showed up in the second one were someone has already said it. and you've realized lol my bad.

Youre a much prettier version of Kesha minus stds. Kesha is a 5 you're a 20 soooooooo yeah:) id kill for your face

:O thanks.. nah, no need to kill for my face. you're gorgeous , girl! work it. make those boys eat their hearts out ;)

#23 you look so much like a hockeyboywantstohaveatention!

102, because I complimented someone? You look like a somebody who doesn't know how to spell attention.

Your boyfriend sure has incredible timing. Throw the douchelord overboard!

Then throw a deflated life jacket. When he realises it's useless, shout 'April Fools day!'.

muchagente 5

but then, if you think about it: isn't it still worse sharing a room with someone who just pretends that he wants to be together with you? but then, maybe not.

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Exactly what I was thinking. I advise taking him scuba diving, but give him a faulty air tank. Nobody will ever know...

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That wont be awkward at all.

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be really annoying, and hopefully he will jump overboard!

He could have atleast waited til the end of the cruise!

take this time to for you to go out and have fun.. stop being a ******...! take advantage of this situation..

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I'm loving the combo of hot woman and firearms :) haha

He obviously found someone else to screw, otherwise he would not have dumped you until the trip was over. Soooooo.... either screw his new piece, or, find a new piece and bed them down in your hammock!