By Christian - 28/09/2013 15:21 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. We are on a cruise together. She has already found another room to sleep in. FML
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Better than having to share a room with her.

Grootensliven 10


Better than having to share a room with her.

It be a shame if her stuff was to go "overboard"

DrownedMyFish 18

20, it would be a shame if she somehow went overboard.

OP: "Girlfriend? What girlfriend? Haha! You must have me confused with another beautiful stallion of a man. I came here to poke bitches!"

tjv3 10

You Should find a miss right now and enjoy

wow, well we can only hope the "other room" is a janitor's closet and that u kept the other room

Grootensliven 10

You son of a bitch if I had a gun on a boat I'd shoot you - Peter Griffin

debbster7 18

Poor planning on her part honestly, buy hey go have fun! You're on a cruise so no worries!

Now that OP is single AND on a cruise ship it's the perfect time to meet new people

actually it sounds like she had him pay for her so she gets a free cruise

... or OP did something unforgivable and she ditched him over it. As always, the FMLs are written to make the OP seem sympathetic. We just don't know what happened.

#73- Stop thinking, it looks bad on you.

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I agree with you 73.. of course people never want to look at the other side of the situation.

#19 Where does it say that he paid for the cruise and she paid nothing? I don't see that in FML. And my lack of sexism tells me I cannot jump to such conclusions.

Sorry to hear that, OP. If she didn't try to fix the relationship, she wasn't worth it man. Enjoy your cruise!

Honestly, who knows what they been through? Not everything can be fixed and it's sometimes best to just go separate ways. I mean that in general, not in regards to the actual post. Breaking up on the cruise was just a jerk thing to do.

Sounds like she had this pre planned... sorry OP

BreynHope 11

They should call him Leonardo, because that relationSHIPWRECKED! ba-dum-tss

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Sounds like the other room she found to sleep in is the reason of the break up.

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We don't know why she broke up with him..

yenze 18

I know that's why I said sounds like

That was actually my first thought too. That she found someone on the cruise.

then you don't need a girl like that! have fun on the cruise and show her what she is missing!

The best way to have fun is to tie her to several cinderblocks and throw her overboard miles from any kind of land mass.

Even more fun if you see sharks in the water

Sounds like a *****! You're better off :)

I think you're assuming that she found another room with a different guy, but it just says that she isn't sleeping in his room

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

And you're assuming that she isn't in another room with a woman getting it on!

And you're assuming I'm not right there drooling with a hidden camera secretly taping her every slutty move... Wait, what?

Eh, I don't think that's too crazy of an assumption.