By ohdear. - 29/03/2014 23:07 - United Kingdom - London

Today, while searching a woman for contraband as part of my job, she kept making sexual noises throughout. After I finished, she hugged me and went on her way. I really need a new job. FML
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Obviously a case of 100% Customer Satisfaction!

ThomasBombadil 31

I'll have what she had.


Well, did you find anything?

subiedude08 17

Yea the sweet spot.

Forbidden fruit maybe?

The apple of Eden?

Llamassss 21

Well, she went on her way, so nothing was found.

At least you know who to call for role play now haha.

chocolatefrog28 29

Well, at least one of you enjoyed the experience.

Sounds like she finished too...

ThomasBombadil 31

I'll have what she had.

Obviously a case of 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Jessj958 19

Because you are great at what you do! ;) lol

check your pocket for her number

First to say YDI give me a badge

Clearly your username is wrong.

yea I think #8 misspelled their name quite terribly.

I think it was meant to be "Clearlyimfirst". I call first to bitchslap him

/Just her way of making the experience mutual and making you feel as awkward as you probably made her feel./ At least I'm hoping that's why.

I'm sure OP feels just as awkward feeling up people all day

Haha, true. Well I guess she made it even worse then!

Maybe she was just trying to rattle you. Or maybe you have really good hands.

She probably really needed the job.