By pinkfloyd777 - 20/12/2010 16:15

Today, I found out that my girlfriend's parents offered her a trip to Europe if she dumped me. She accepted, and broke up with me. Her parents were lying. FML
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mintcar 9

Haha, move on. She's not worth it.

climbthoserocks 6

Well, she seems like a keeper.


ladies_man217 0

who wouldnt break up with their bf for a trip to europe

storylogan 0

mee! I woulddnnttt(:

LightningLadyy 0

I wouldn't, but that's a pretty awesome/devious plan :)


Shookitup 0

What a nice lady :)

Shookitup 0

What a nice lady :)

mintcar 9

Haha, move on. She's not worth it.

it's all good bud, she sounds like a bitch!

iSitt 0

sounds like that Winston Churchill quote

She doesn't value you, her affections can be altered with money and she is dim (as demonstrated by her parents tricking her). OP: be happy you are rid of that one.

just buy her back.

lexi122333 0

exactly what I was thinking.

thebigtwinkie 28

Bros before hoes Coming from a girl Wait

sorry bro. that blos

climbthoserocks 6

Well, she seems like a keeper.

jmd534 0


cradle6 13

damn dude. that's really messed up. don't take her back. your name is really awesome btw.

Consider yourself lucky to be rid of her.

MrsLender_fml 3

Dumb muggle girl!

sexycountrygirl0 0

she's a selfish bitch, get a girl who is worth your time.

ohthebloodygore 16

57, you're an idiot.

ohthebloodygore you're ugly. Am I smart now!? :0

Ninjafriends 1

You should actually be very happy you learned so much about her character. She's the real loser in this situation. Haha, I laugh at her.

OR maybe what happened is that PinkFloyd777 is a horrible boyfriend and she didn't mind breaking up with him to begin with? Either way, don't cry over it because you're both wrong for each other.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, now you know what kind of a person your former girlfriend is. Move on.

It's karma that she got screwed over. Move on to someone with more integrity.