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Today, I found out that honestly answering "yes" to "Are Kate Upton's boobs bigger than mine?" is in my girlfriend's mind the equivalent of saying I don't find her attractive anymore and that I want to break up with her to date a supermodel. FML
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Kate Upton's boobs are bigger than most women's boobs. That is so not a fair question.

Always listen to Admiral Ackbar. It's a trap!


Always listen to Admiral Ackbar. It's a trap!

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You comment on this app a lot, don't you?

you must read this app a lot to notice they comment a lot. :P

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#14 who's got your nipples in a twist, relax your mammaries, distress your breasts and leave Welshite be!

hippodankamus 22

I wasn't insulting him, I was just noting the fact that he comments a lot. Didn't mean any harm...

#14 why can't you make the observation without commenting about it?

#14 Their comments are funny. it's always nice to see good comments.

The correct answer is "Kate Upton has boobs?!?"

If she asked you are they "bigger" it's meant to be an objective question and she shouldn't give you grief for saying yes. Now if she asked you are they "better" that's when you always answer "No"..

#75 Very good point! Now would be the time to say, "oh no hers are way too big! They look freakish! I bet their fake. I love your boobs baby, you're so pretty." ...not like i've heard this before

All girlfriend questions must be answered with a question. All.

"honey, I know I'm flat chested, but does Kate Upton have bigger boobs than me?" "Yeah" "OMG HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT THAT IS SO NOT TRUE YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE" #femalelogic

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I guess she's been playing too much Trivia crack...

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She was just setting him up for failure. lol Poor Op.

Kate Upton's boobs are bigger than most women's boobs. That is so not a fair question.

Steve95401 49

The question should be "If Kate Upton didn't have implants, would her boobs be bigger than OP's girlfriend?".

Kate Upton's boobs bigger than a whole person!? Now that would take lots of silicone.

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I thought Kate Upton's boobs were real.. No?

They are real, she complains she wants small ones so she can wear a tank top without a bra. Ironic.

Anything above a C and you can't go braless.

Sure you can. We will be very grateful ?

Thats not true 63, my friend is an E and sometimes goes braless, so does my friend whos a G. They're not fat and they're boobs aren't saggy. Where as me, when I was barely a B cup, I always had to wear a bra because I suffer from always-nippin syndrome.

The whole "you cant go braless" thing annoys me. No one is dictating if you have to wear a bra and it can be ALOT easier to hide then you think sometimes. Dark colors, patterns and you cant even tell even if your boobs are Death Star proportions

It's actually really easy to tell if someone's not wearing a bra

#66 You speak wise words of wisdom. #67 Who are the magnificent ones?

Gosh OP, dont you realize that kate upton is way more realistic than your girlfriend? How ignorant

I hate when women ask questions like that. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself on how many Ds you've got going on. Don't trap your boyfriend into answering stupid questions.

#4 And they really shouldn't ask if they don't want an honest answer.

Steve95401 49

Other questions like that are "Does this make me look fat?" and the ever-popular "Does my butt look big?".

All I could think of is the Friends episode -- "Do I look fat?" Without looking, the answer has to be "NO!"

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"Does this make my butt look big?" Me : "Yes, thank god!"

#4 there's nothing wrong with a big ass so when i ask my boyfriend that question, its impossible to say no. i just say 'good'

It's probably for the best, OP. She had pretty sever self-esteem issues which she needs to resolve before being in s healthy relationship.

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manipulating someone is the wrong way to get a self esteem boost.

It is totally! I agree! But that's how a lot of women work! I've seen it myself! It's quite sad actually.

but if you answer no, then his girlfriend would accuse him of lying, and an argument about it will probably start. It's a lose-lose situation

The girlfriend brought it upon herself at that point. Needy girls need to grow up and learn to take the truth in stride and grow from it

Or say "I don't know. I never really look at her."

Thankfully I'm with an adult. Neither of us play mind games or are so fragile as to need constant lying to emotionally survive day to day.

That was a question to set you up for failure, OP.

Because breast size is the absolute only factor in determining attractiveness, compatibility, and love. Goodness, your girlfriend is shallow.

Atleast it ended now because she sounds crazy & paranoid. Sorry about the break up though.

DontClickOnMe 28

They didn't break up. OP's girlfriend just thinks he wants to break up with her.

I hear that a lot. I guess i'll stop bragging about myself

Bigger IS always better.. With very few exceptions

i don't even find her large breasts attractive. they're too big for me

I agree. It's more expensive to have bigger boobs too :(

That's so true I am prefer girls with a average size or smaller over big ones.