By Anonymous - 23/02/2013 08:07 - Australia - Boronia

Today, after supporting my girlfriend for over a year in her endeavour to lose weight, exercise more, and eat better, my now-slender girlfriend dumped me. Because now she find someone better than me. FML
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Seriously she deserves to be alone. Hope she fails to find someone now.

She's still a fat bitch on the inside, don't worry.


Agreed. Just wait a few months. When no one wants her shit personality, she'll resort to eating and come running back. By the way, sorry OP

Yeah, I agree. No wonder she goes around in forests stalking people. What a total bitch.

Don't worry, karma's a bitch…and so is your ex. The pendulum will swing around the other way again and she'll realized what she lost.

Or, her hot new body will attract many guys, she will pick one, and they live happily ever after. Just because she pulled a shit move doesn't guarantee her to be unhappy. Good things happen to bad people all the time. Also, OP, maybe you should have been eating right and hitting the gym with her. Not only will it keep you looking and feeling good, but it would have potentially brought you closer together.

If she can do better then why didn't she in the first place? nobody really cares about how you look unless you had to lose like 100lb.

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Well OP karma will come around and kick her in the ass

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@25: well she might come back... but she definitely won't be running with all that extra poundage

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******* hate ***** like this. they can NOT do better. fatass ***** can go **** herself.

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Who the hell would vote this comment down!?

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Seriously she deserves to be alone. Hope she fails to find someone now.

You're clearly a good person, you'll find someone who appreciates you.

I think it's great that you are being this nice to DinosaurTacoTime, but its a bit out of the blue

... And become fat again because of her deception to not find anyone else.

Dr0reos 8

Well get out there work out, become more attractive, and find someone whose even better!

without him supporting her, she will probably get fat again. i hope she has horrible stretch marks that never go away. and i hope she looks like a damn zebra because of it.

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No... not exactly used... just now bitch-dumped!

Maybe she needed a personal coach, poor OP.

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You can do the same, OP! Forget the bitch!

She's still a fat bitch on the inside, don't worry.

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Op should have said, I never liked naturally fat people anyway. Then walk off, maybe while putting sunglasses on.

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Exactly!! She will get fat again.

That's ******. At least you were an awesome support system. :) And now you know you can do so much better as well.

Agreed. Anyone that loving and supportive, should have no trouble finding someone new. OP I hope that you find someone who deserves you.

#7, OP may indeed have been an awesome support system. But devil's advocate: from what little is here, for all we know OP may have been a lousy support system, belittling her about her weight and undercutting her self esteem until, finally, maybe even because of her eventual success at losing weight, she realized she could do better than someone who made her feel she didn't measure up. (Sorry, OP; you may well have been splendid. Feel free to chime in.)

Hopefully she fine whoever's "better" and gets her heartbroken by him. And eats her way to feeling better. :o

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That sucks! Well you can do better too op don't worry it gets better!! xo

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She wont need stitches if she always wears a bullet proof vest.

**** yes she will. shoot her in the throat.

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It was a reference to another FML. Oh well.