By lizzie57 - United Kingdom
Today, as a reward for finishing all my work in maths, I was told I could leave early. Apparently, later on, the class had a random attendance inspection. I didn't know about this until I received a detention for not being present at that class. My teacher had completely forgotten about me. FML
lizzie57 tells us more :
Hi, OP here. Thanks for the comments, so happy this got published and the maths jokes made me laugh :) to people questioning the random attendance inspections - my school has really bad attendance generally so we get them to try and scare us into coming more. I did talk to my teacher and he spoke to the office and explained the situation and they let me off :) so alls well that ends well I suppose. I was just a bit annoyed at my teacher forgetting me! But bless him he was very apologetic. Anyway, thats me explained :)
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  granCanyon  |  12

Seems pretty normal to me. I had that in high school too. The teachers took attendance at every lesson, but there were also people visiting classrooms randomly. They call the parents of everyone who is missing. It was almost impossible to ditch a class without them knowing and calling your parents. When you're late, they write a message to your parents and they have to sign it. If you come too late 5 times they take your student card and you're not allowed to go outside during the lunch break. Education in my country is pretty f*cked up. That's probably why we have such a high failure rate. Sometimes even 1/4 of the students have to repeat the year. We have exams twice a year and sometimes you already know in december that you'll fail the year. Despite that you still have to go to school. There are people failing their year for PE classes...

  Retaheki  |  27

Failing from PE?! In my school, you fail if you fail Humanities (English and History for those not familiar), Science, Math, or Spanish (only for my grade.) PE, Art, Drama, and Computer Science for earlier and later grades are subclasses, which usually don't give homework and usually stay into the 90s, unless you're reeeeaaaaally lazy in class. PE is pretty much 'show up in sneakers and throw a ball in a hoop' for an 100. If your school takes PE so seriously that you can fail your year, that's sad. I understand they want to keep up student fitness, but that's over the top.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Or you can be like me and have a lying asshole for a PE teacher... Long story short he had us doing the exact same thing every. single. day. So I asked if I could do a different activity on my own, even specifically asked if I would still get full marks for it, and he said yeah go ahead, no problem, you'll get full marks. End of year comes, I failed by 2%, and when I asked why he said it was because I didn't do the assigned activity like everyone else. I wasn't the only one he purposely failed, either. So not everyone who fails PE is lazy... Some of us just got shitty teachers :/

By  BBlah  |  26

Do you have work dated from that day's math class? If so, show it as proof that you were there, maybe it'll help? And of course talk to your teacher

By  irisr_fml  |  24

Ask your teacher to talk to the inspectors, maybe he'll be able to get you out of detention. And congrats on maths, I never seem to get the point and take really long while doing my homework.