By jack - 08/10/2012 18:36 - United States - Mcnabb

Today, my girlfriend of 3 months got mad at me because I thought she was attractive. She has an identical twin, and she says if I think she's attractive, I must want her twin too. FML
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NukedaZoo 4

Don't worry, if she dumps you, then you have a backup

Wow. I'm sorry :( maybe she's a little insecure and you need to reassure her that she is your number one girl and that her sister's personality just isn't for you.


NukedaZoo 4

Don't worry, if she dumps you, then you have a backup

Unless the other sister's a lesbian

I'm thinking this is the only time in your life you'll have a chance at a sexy threesome with twins. Go for it, OP!

unknown_user5566 26

8- In theory, that would be great. But unfortunately OP would run the risk of losing Miss Insecure as his girlfriend, and pissing off the sister (which means losing his backup). Why oh why can't life be as simple as porn portrays it to be?

11, Austin Powers would have gone for it, and everyone knows he's a great model for manliness. Also I use exclamation marks to express sarcasm through over-enthusiasm!

unknown_user5566 26

17- I understood the sarcasm, I was attempting to play along. Looks like I need someone to fetch the cherry for my Fail Sundae once again!

8 -- or, in what would be the most likely scenario, he would be having a onesome with Handula. No one wins. OP, maybe the identical twin is more mature than she. You won't win this battle, but perhaps you can win the war...

Bitches be crazy!

Hes very Lucky !!! A guys dream is to have twins ;)!!!

That's when you say, "But you're the hott twin!"!

I'm way late on this, but either this is a huge case of déjà vú or this has been an fml before... Totally sucks for you either way man, there aint no way you were winning that one.

SanchoClaus25 6

Twin booty is a thang of beauty!!!

Well duh. Hell yeah you do, at least you should

unknown_user5566 26

Yeah he totally should! Wait... What?

14- if OP didn't find the identical twin physically attractive (if in fact they are Identical to par) then he wouldn't find his GF attractive, but being attractive isn't just physical there is a lot more to it, OP should explain that

siickman 7

Uhm 48... What the actual fuck did you just say. o.O please tell me im not the only one that is lost.

Attraction is more than appearance. It's personality as well. Yes they might look exactly the same but be two totally different people. At least that's how mature, real relationships work.

Psych101 9

It took me a few hours, but I figured it out. 2's comment is a response to OP's last sentence. "Well duh you want her twin. Etc."

I've dated an identical twin for 3 years and known him and his brother for 10 years. In all that time, I've never felt attracted to his brother. Physical appearance only goes so far.

Wow. I'm sorry :( maybe she's a little insecure and you need to reassure her that she is your number one girl and that her sister's personality just isn't for you.

Sounds like you got the crazy one man, sorry.

Or dump her for her attractive sister. No? Ok

3, That sounds all nice and sweet but I think the boyfriend should get out now. Imagine how the future arguments would pan out; it isn't looking bright for the guy.

unknown_user5566 26

You are definitely in a tricky predicament. It's not like you can call her ugly now, either. GF: "What?! You think my sister is ugly?? Fuck you, asshole!" Godspeed, OP.

Agreed. OP if you can't tell her she's attractive or ugly without winning, just go up to her face, look her in the eyes like the last you'll ever see them and then whisper ever so slightly "I think you're meh". If she sends a bitch fit your way, fuck that shit (metaphorically or literally, it's up to you).

22- I think you may mean figuratively instead of metaphorically.

unknown_user5566 26

SkoomaKi- This is off topic, but why'd you delete all of your stories? I enjoyed reading those. :)

coastiepat 0


It's a trap! Get out now!

Insecurity, or a ploy to get you to dump her because she has a man on the side.

The perfect thing to say is "the only reason I find her attractive is cause she looks like you" :)

kitkatkit 4

103 - I have an identical twin and that would definitely work on me! Then again, I'm not crazy like this girl so you'd never have to use it on me lol.

TorturedXeno 27

Sounds like a k-... *gets punched in the face*

unknown_user5566 26

Am I the only one who doesn't know where that comment was going?

I think it is "sounds like a kangaroo." They do like to box, ya know.

His girlfriend sounds like a koala?

...shitty situation? No, that one doesn't work here.

What starts with a "k" and is an insult. Hmm...

Please finish that sentence, Torturedxeno! We won't punch you in the face!

TorturedXeno 27

49 got it right. Kangaroo.

*....Blinks at 102 for about a minute.* No, sorry, I still don't understand that. And, 92 just lied to you. *Punches 102 in the face.* ;)

DKjazz 20

Sounds like a keeper.

Maybe it's just K, because every kiss begins with it ... or so I heard. Perhaps it's more simple, like Special K ... or K-pop. KKK, even? The possibilities are endless, as long as I have a dictionary and/or the internet.

perdix 29

Usually, "kunt" is spelled with a "c."

Wow..people these days, just because they look like, doesn't mean you'll find her sister move attractive, considering appearances aren't everything that makes somebody attractive, at least in my opinion that is.

Pegasister_fml 5

It's good to see that some people in this twisted world understand the true beauty lies within a person!

I've dated an identical twin for 3 years and known him and his brother for 10 years. I've always been able to tell them apart immediately b/c of personality traits/mannerisms. I've never felt attracted to his brother. Beauty is definitely deeper than what we see.

Dump the stupid bitch.

What are you, like 5? Good god.

Psych101 9

What?! A girl got mad at my boyfriend?! Dump her! That the only real option there, quite obviously.

Psych101 9

*Her Not my boyfriend. Her boyfriend. Just so we're clear.

siickman 7

10, i have a feeling all your relationships dont make it over a month.

enormouselephant 15

She irrational, it doesn't sound terribly unreasonable.

oj101 33

Is she the good or bad twin? You have options you know? Just saying.

1- Dump current GF 2- Pick up GFs twin 3- Get in 3 way with both girls 4- ??? 5- Profit

Tell her you've fallen in love with her personality and you think it's who she is that makes her beautiful. Crisis averted.

unknown_user5566 26

Spoken like a man who has been forced to avert many lady freak outs in his lifetime. That truly is the best way to go about this, though. OP's gal seems to have some competition issues with her sister, which seems to be fairly common with twin sisters. She probably just needs to feel unique and special.

I have identical twin female cousins. They've always been different, both in personality and in their life desires. Sadly, out of my entire family, I was one of the very few who was able to tell them apart on sight. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be; it would be terrible to constantly be confused with someone else, especially when you want to be your own person and live your own life.

Then she'll probably pull the whole " I'm ugly!" thing. (Ex: She says: You only say that to ugly people!)