By Talented73 - United States - Brooklyn
Today, I went to a local Asian restaurant where this adorable Japanese girl works as a server. We had formed a friendship and I was hoping for something more, but I decided to play "hard-to-get" for the last couple of weeks. When I went there today, the place was closed. Permanently. FML
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  Malsain_fml  |  10

Really? I have been buried?
So, does that mean me and my friends are living in a bubble in which we are the only one in the world doing that thing we like to call "flirting" or "seducing"?
Well, this is game in my book.

  Elban  |  20

Game, games, call it what you want, same shit bro. Even if all your friends are doing it doesn't change what it is. Its childish crap. Some adults do it too but its still the same.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Yes, lots of people flirt. Yes, lots of people seduce others. What immature people do is play games. Flirting is a subtle, emotionally-safe way of showing your attraction to someone in order to test the waters. Playing games is a time-wasting strategy for people who like to super-boost their ego by having some sort of control over the other person through use of manipulation tactics. There IS a difference.

  SpyroMello  |  29

#9 my boyfriend was very obvious about his feelings for me when he flirted. He would tell me I'm beautiful and say he was glad to have met me and I eventually asked him out (he has social anxiety so I don't think he would have been able to ask me.) we've been together for almost a year now and we never play games like middle schoolers do. Mature people who are ready for relationships don't play games. I've had a boy try and play games with me and I walked away because I don't need to deal with shit like that. Waste of my damn time. If you really want a girl then you gotta woe her. Flirt by complimenting or jokes or even small gifts if you're that dedicated.

  Malsain_fml  |  10

#31 Oh don't worry about me, I'll be fine!
By the way, I used to not play "games" before and would rarely meet girls. But once you start getting into flirting, teasing or complimenting, you get to receive more interest from the other gender.
Don't tell me girls don't play games. All the things like blowing hot and cold, waiting some time to reply to text messages or acting like nothing matter when they are totally into it are what I call "games".
Just walking to a girl and say "I like you" won't work unless you are special to her to begin with.
#39 Flirting IS a game to me... And what you are talking about sounds more like manipulation, don't you think?
#46: Your story is nice, I like it. How many time did you see him before that would happen? If you are in school, you might have seen him every day or almost, for a long period. What if you were just meeting someone once without knowing you would me him/her again?

You give "games" a negative side I don't agree with. You can play "games" and not necessarily have bad intentions or be abusive. Or maybe the word I am using is not the right one, I don't know.

  SpyroMello  |  29

#49 I was in school yes and I had 2 classes with him but I didn't know he even existed until a mutual friend introduced us. Even then, I hardly spoke to him. I felt bad one day when that friend wouldn't let him copy his notes so I took a picture of them and sent it to him via text. That's how we started talking.

When I met my ex, I thought I wouldn't see him again and we kinda had a connection so we swapped numbers after chatting for a bit. That's how that works or set up a date. If there's a will, there's a way, yet you seem to full of excuses and insults. You also seem like a douchebag, toying with emotions and not showing your true intentions when "flirting." The girls you described playing games sound like middle school girls. I happen to have a life so I don't always text my boyfriend right away and sometimes I'm not into whatever it is he's talking about, mainly his PC talk. Hot and cold, yeah those are called emotions. People have them. Complimenting, teasing, chatting, going on dates, that's how you win someone's heart. It's like I gotta spell it out for you.

  Malsain_fml  |  10

Are you actually talking about me when saying “full of insults”, “douchebag” or “toying with emotions”??
I suggest you read my post again. Calmly. It seems to me you are not taking it the right way, for I have no intention of hurting or judging whoever.
I don’t get why you are being so aggressive. For some reason, you decided I was some abusive and stupid jerk making a fool of other people’s feelings. Well you are wrong. I am not. You decided this on your own with no real reason. And then you talk about not acting like a middle-schooler?
Apart from that, you seem to consider your case a generality. But what if that mutual friend did not introduced him to you? Because that is my point. You said it yourself you “hardly spoke to him”. So if you were not to see him again, things would have ended then.
You are young and seem to be living in a school environment. Things are really different and the contact you have with other people is usually repeated and longer. You don’t interact with people the same way as if you would see them and they might disappear from your life once and for all.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Yes some girls play games, why would that make it right? Some girls cheat, still doesn't make it right. Playing "hard to get" is showing interest yet not going further or turning down going further expecting them to "chase you". Aka immature bullshit. And admittedly one that I mostly hear of girls doing. That doesn't make it any better. Flirting shows interest. Games mean you are playing around with someone.

  Malsain_fml  |  10

Why would playing games imply not to conclude? Just with the word "games" you all seem to extract a way of being.
Read the FML. Do you think OP would not have accepted going out with server? He definitely would. The purpose of playing "hard to get" is not to toy around "be chased" and turn down after that. It rather a way to not stifle the other, to create anticipation. And it is present in some way in almost every interaction.
Whenever two person are atracted one by another, when they : try and conceal or limit their attraction for the other, act detached, pospone a date or express they are busy with other things/people => this is hard to get.

By  ilytyvm  |  25

Why would you even try playing hard to get it you already had some semblance of a friendship? That seems silly to me.

So YDI for playing games, but your life still sucks. Sorry for your luck.


Why should she be the one playing hard to get? I don't know, playing hard to get just seems dumb to me, seize the opportunity before the other person loses interest and it's gone. Also, don't waste time or else someone else could come along and you'll miss your chance.

By  RectumRecker  |  16

If you wanted something more you shouldn't have been risky and tried to be hard to get. You should've at least should've tried to have gotten her number or something. YDI.

By  neuronerd  |  28

If it was a genuine friendship forming, she probably would have offered contact information. Chances are you were a favorite regular, but that's as far as it was going to go. Haven't you ever heard that you shouldn't hit on anyone whose income depends on being nice to you? It starts things off with an imbalance if power.

  Colon_Man  |  17

This is my rule number two*; never hit on a girl at her job.
You never know if it's genuine returns and/or it could make her uncomfortable in a place she can't escape.

*rule number one is; never go streaking in winter without your keys.