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  cazziuz1983  |  9

Kinda of a fair point, unless you consider we don't really have enough information to make a good opinion. Men in general require less to grt off, and almost and nut is a good nut. Women on the other hand take a bit more work and have different levels of orgasm. Many factors will go into getting a woman off upto and including mental attraction to sexual partner, it's just not that way for men(typically).
On the other hand if a woman wants orgasims from there partners, and are not getting them... Perhaps be a bit more vocal about it, talk with your partner about the things that are and are not working. Take care of your selves so the partner will want to spend that extra time and not just get theres and go.

  Leeono  |  26

I’ve just recently divorced and heard she’s complaining about my bedroom skills to anyone she can. However she never showed any interest in trying something new and when I asked if she wanted to try something different or spoke about sex she called me a pervert and sex obsessed. She always told me she was happy with our sex life and we didn’t need to change it.

People can just be bitchy for the sake of it.

By  Johnny5  |  15

Yea, divorce can be petty. People do stuff like that because the courts are required to keep everything so they get their petty thrill that there’s a public record that anyone can see that says that. I’ve also heard of divorces that ended up in court where they submitted their spouse’s nudes as evidence just to get the photos in the public record.

By  leighmacj  |  11

How did you not notice that man?
Come on everyone knows you need to work for it to give a lady a good proper O.

On the bright side maybe if you stop trying to replicate porn when you screw and instead listen to her and put the work in she might change her mind about the divorce.
Other same of the same coin, it sounds like she has found someone to give her the at least good sex that she wants/needs.

  cazziuz1983  |  9

Or perhaps... Just hear me out on this one....
She's just a bitch who never said anything was wrong with the sex? Notice it says adaquate orgasm and not that she hasn't gotten one....
If she's gettu Goff but not saying anything to him about how it can be better then, it's her fault not his since he clearly cares enough to get her off at least, and given that he does get her off, then odds are he would have listened to what she was saying if she had ever bothered to open her mouth to do anything other than bitch