By michael - 14/02/2012 02:55 - United States

Today, I found out that getting drunk and attempting to take a dump out of a second-story window is a very bad idea. FML
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You're just full of shitty ideas aren't you, OP?

Guessing that isn't the best idea in the world, OP. Next time, stick with regular toilets, especially when drunk.


Guessing that isn't the best idea in the world, OP. Next time, stick with regular toilets, especially when drunk.

there's such a thing as a normal toilet when drunk???

1- Whenever I see your profile picture out of the corner of my eye it look like Abraham Lincoln.

I thought that was Abe Lincoln...

No sir it is not.

At least toilet water doesnt splash on your ass.

Solid advice.

16 has it right!

He probably landed on his shit

Chocolate Rain? Lulz

You're just full of shitty ideas aren't you, OP?

Was waiting for a shitty pun. :L

What a shit situation

OP u shit head.


No SHIT Sherlock

makes for a funny story though

Be careful OP, or you'll do something even dumber. Like waging war against the moon, and doing battle by throwing sticks at it nightly!

Amen to that, he's practically a pigeon

Probably not so funny, though, to the people on the first floor.

I feel bad for whoever it landed on.. I mean if it did land on someone.

Didn't even think of that. Better hope they had an umbrella at least.

Or maybe he landed on someone? Lol

He probably fell out of the window while trying or something in that nature.

I wonder if you could like, snipe someone with a turd. The possibilities..

Oh really? I didnt realize that. Thank you for your great wisdom.

Shitting out the window isn't so bad as long as you don't fall out and land in your own shit.

And it's not even half as bad as trying to shit out of the 13th story window. Count your blessings OP.

Actually a lot of buildings don't label the 13th floor as the 13th floor cause of how unlucky it is. They skip over it. Er... Was that in a movie? LOL still useless trivia either way.

DEFENESTRATION!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!! (sorry, I really like defenestration)

Sad that you had to learn from experience

Oh ya! "I learned never to shit out of a window while drunk", good lesson! Reminds me of learning that I shouldn't eat McDonalds at one AM while driving southbound down a highway. Or how I should never try to relate to people's situations with weird ultra specific terms. For instance, if you're a comedian you should never open up with "Who else here likes the feeling you get after masturbating with maple syrup?!" Nothing relates to people better than that!

What are you talking about?

Don't mind DrMime...he is just a freaking weirdo. He says some really off the wall shit (no pun intended).

Talk about a sticky situation. More ways then one, too. lol

I think that guy could say anything and I would still be amused due to his profile pic......

I can't see how...

When people are drunk, possibilities are endless. Probably isn't anything you won't ever do if you're really wasted

I see what you did there in the photo...

I think shitting anywhere other than a toilet is a bad idea, drunk or sober... Just me? Okay then

No toilet in the woods.

Do like the bears and plug it then

Not the brightest idea.