By Anonymous - 03/07/2014 00:59

Today, I opened my window due to the good weather. I was lucky enough to listen to the sounds of someone violently throwing up for over an hour. The window got stuck open. FML
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I hope for your sake that you aren't a sympathy-spewer, OP.

Sounds like a 'sickening' night. I should never make jokes.


I hope for your sake that you aren't a sympathy-spewer, OP.

Amen on that one. Gross!

lexiieeex3 32

OP should have just moved away from the window...

Sounds like a 'sickening' night. I should never make jokes.

You're right, you should never make jokes. You are absolutely correct right there.

Thanks, Sherlock

iOceanus 18

Don't come around here spewing your bad puns at us... No? Okay.

Is that some kind of sick joke?

Haha I love a good pun.

You make me sick #27

jazzy_123 20

aw man. I know what that's like. I once woke up to the sound of someone puking for like a week straight. I'm now traumatized lol I can't even hear someone gag because my stomach gets upset :/

Oh god I feel sorry for you :(

Genuinely having the same problem right now. Someone nearby hacks and coughs like they're going to throw up but it's been going on for a year or so now! Drives me mad. It's way too hot to have the window closed as well. Part of me thinks maybe the guy is dying or something...but still, can't you just go inside to the bathroom?!


They could have been dying!

Then get your ass out there and check on them.

That must have sucked.

Actually, it blew.

I believe there's a button to express that.

Aw that must have been horrible. FYL

Just stop commenting

91hayek 31

They were spewing for over an hour? And all you can think about is how your window was stuck? That person sounds like they were in serious trouble, even if it wasn't continuous spewing.

Have you never had a diarrhoea and sickness bug? You do tend to throw up a lot. It's just a common bug though...only real danger is dehydration.

duct tape fixes everything ^_^

oh thats horrible. Im a sympathy puker so I'll throw up because others are

meli1195 31

Talk about unwanted info

im not forcing you to read my comment

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