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  legresley85  |  1

Bigger girls can have nice racks too. Since boobs are made up of mostly fat and skinny girls have less fat usually, than bigger racks are more common on chubbier girls, that's just life. Get used to it buddy.

  AliixJadee95  |  0

Actually it's common for fitting bras to break cause they've been worn so much or just that there flimsy and actually most people can't afford to buy bras as there quite expensive and if she's at school or college like me it's hard enough have food to eat and paying bills then get need clothes all the time but you wouldn't know because your a guy'

  GraveRobber14  |  13

155-Some teachers won't let you use it if they don't know what you're using it for because some idiots do stupid things with staple themselves. That actually happened in my school once because someone wanted to get out of class -.- smfh

  DrMime  |  10

I stapled my broken stapler back together with the broken stapler! Then a black tear in the fabric of space-time opened up and sucked in my dog...

  pronounciations  |  5

Trying a little too hard.

  HeXr  |  22

I imagine an inspirational rock song playing with a slow motion shot of OPs bra coming apart and boobs flying to and fro (also in slow motion)