By chlolivia - 14/02/2012 00:28 - Canada

Today, my bra burst apart in the middle of class. I then had the privilege of asking my male teacher if I could borrow his stapler to put it back together. FML
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mama2b3 20

Did he offer to staple it himself?

ninjuh_wingman 29

Im sure he was happy to help.


DontClickOnMe 28

I think a safety pin would have worked better.

markrs 0

You slutty little OP you! How dare you try to seduce the teacher!!!

Um, get a bra that actually fits you. And you didn't have to tell the teacher the stapler was to fix your bra?

Pics or it didn't happen.

How does this even happen?

Pics or it didn't happen.

@20: Back when I was your age, the teachers were the ones that seduced the pupils.

Bigger girls can have nice racks too. Since boobs are made up of mostly fat and skinny girls have less fat usually, than bigger racks are more common on chubbier girls, that's just life. Get used to it buddy.

Actually it's common for fitting bras to break cause they've been worn so much or just that there flimsy and actually most people can't afford to buy bras as there quite expensive and if she's at school or college like me it's hard enough have food to eat and paying bills then get need clothes all the time but you wouldn't know because your a guy'

^ Biggest run-on sentence I've ever seen. I think my brain just died a little reading that.

It's why she's paying for school and not on a scholarship.

loveispain19 4

I agree. Definitely new bra time and DEFINITELY NOT let a teacher or class know about it time.

You really didn't have to announce to him that you needed it because your bra broke.

GraveRobber14 13

155-Some teachers won't let you use it if they don't know what you're using it for because some idiots do stupid things with staple themselves. That actually happened in my school once because someone wanted to get out of class -.- smfh

Danielt104 6

Today I was unlucky enough to not be in that class. FML

armyboy00025 3

Pics or it didn't happen.

tekcor 2

Holy crap 114! Punctuation was invented for a reason.

The Thai language doesn't use punctuations.

LaColombianita 26

Hey a stapler can do wonders. You'd be surprised.

I stapled my broken stapler back together with the broken stapler! Then a black tear in the fabric of space-time opened up and sucked in my dog...

pronounciations 5

Trying a little too hard.

Nothing wrong with a little space-time enthusiasm ^_^

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

What the hell is that on your face?

Osito2011 9

I had to fix a bra like that once, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

I feel like this would be one of te few rare cases where girls would actually try and help each other out

Not the dog:( Srsly that sucks though

Haha that's awesome. Is that last bit from Heart of darkness?

ninjuh_wingman 29

Im sure he was happy to help.

mama2b3 20

Did he offer to staple it himself?

O'snap haha that would be creepy lol

Ikr that's to crazy

MetalxSoldier 26

You should really learn from your boobs. I think they want you to know that you should NEVER let anything hold you back! (;

I'd love to hold them....back.

I imagine an inspirational rock song playing with a slow motion shot of OPs bra coming apart and boobs flying to and fro (also in slow motion)

xSunnyOlivia 17

170- lmao yes.


6-Why the hell did you have to put 8 Os. That just made you look like a total douche bag.

I wonder what his reaction was.

insertnameherr 11

happy valentines day, boys. here's your present!

OP, pics or it never happened.

DontClickOnMe 28

Wow, you must have really big boobs ;).

Or a really small bra

Or both... ;)

infaith 5

both... with a ba na na? :D

85- you comment goes pretty well with your picture.

130- are you trolling, stupid, or just didn't notice that he put your?

sikstix 2

"85 - you comment goes pretty well with your picture" There are supposed to be two 'your'-s

xSunnyOlivia 17

He said "you comment goes pretty well with your comment" he forgot the 1st 'R.'

cadillacgal79 32

180, 127 and 130 are the same person, he was correcting himself.

That's not too bad