By kathus - Madagascar - Nosy-be
Today, I discovered the art of Malagasy compliments. My taxi driver made an unexpected stop in a small village. When I asked the reason for this, he responded, “We’re waiting for my wife, she’s fat just like you. I love fat women.” FML
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By  Jonjon554  |  16

I agree with #3. If you're fat, you know you're fat. Shit, I know I'm fat. The problem is being called more offensive names like ugly, nasty, disgusting, etc. Don't take it so personally, OP.

By  AShrikeStrikes  |  11

It's a compliment in some cultures, where being fat signifies being wealthy/attractive etc. It wasn't that long ago, only a few centuries or so in The UK and U.S.A that being fat was considered very attractive. Peoples definition of beauty changes from time to time and place to place.

By  tigerisabelle  |  31

In many poorer countries, being fat is desirable. It's a sign of wealth. Being skinny or bony like US models are is not considered attractive. He probably meant curvaceous and didn't know how to translate it.